Thursday, June 20, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

I think I am at the tail end of this thing, and by this point everyone has gotten the award. If not, please comment and I will happily nominate you :-) So with that being said, I was nominated 3 times which was really nice of you guys! Thank you! I was nominated by Karley at All In, Kalin at Cash's Steppin Up! and Niamh at Life of Riley. So I went ahead and answered their questions. BUT FIRST the part you've been waiting for...11 facts about me.
11 Random facts about me.

1.     I was born and raised in Northern, Manitoba. As in, I’ve gone out to see Polar Bears in their natural habitat for a family trip, THAT northern Manitoba. PS polar bears love garbage dumps!

2.     After high school I was a foreign exchange student in Lidingo, Sweden. The only Swedish I  learned was how to order a beer in Swedish, that’s about it.

3.     I’m pretty passionate about being an “ag-vocate” (dorky I know). Agriculture is not only important to just me, but it is important to entire world. A lot of people don’t realize that. I have a dozen drafts of blog posts about agriculture, but really don’t want to upset people, so I don’t publish them.

4.     I love history. Especially the history of people coming into North Dakota.

5.      I am a sucker for really dumb horse movies. Anything with a troubled youth, moving to her grandpa’s/estranged father’s/cousins ranch to train and gain the trust of a rescued lower level claiming racehorse and turn it into a Kentucky Derby winner, I’m in!

6.     I am completely overwhelmed with all of my projects at home and I have a hard time asking for help with them.

7.     I hate shopping malls, and prefer thrift stores and antique stores. I want to cry when shopping at the mall.

8.     There is nowhere in the world I’d rather live than North Dakota.

9.     I was in a sorority when I was in college. Kappa Alpha Theta. “We’re the K-A-T’s we’re the best in the land, and you’ll know us where ever you go!....” Okay I’m done singing now…

10.  I have a very, very strange sense of humor. It can be very dry and some people don’t quite get it right away. But people that do think I am hilarious. I am sarcastic too and it sometimes gets me into trouble.

11.  I’d love a time machine to go back to random times if even just for a day
P.S. I did a lot of copying and pasting for this post so please excuse the fact that everying is a different font...
11 Questions  from Karley
1.  What would your ideal last meal be? Steak and potatoes. There isn’t a better food!
2. Ideal riding outfit? Full seat breeches, comfy boots, and a polo that matches my saddle pad…I’m a dork.
3. If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid- where would you go? Stockholm, Sweden. I LOVE it there!
4. What are your top 3 musts for a boarding facility? Safe, clean, no drama.
5. What one beverage can't you live without? Kickstart!
6. Dream car? Psssht…car….My dream ride is a big ol Ram Pickup truck!
7. Where do you want to go with your riding? I’d like to just be able to be confident in the saddle. If I was more confident I could go anywhere I wanted!
8. Where do you shop the most for real clothes? Thrift shops.
9. What do you do to calm your nerves at horse shows? Wine. Kidding. I don’t calm down, I am just a nervous ball of energy the whole time.
10. Favorite bathing products? for the horses? What’s bathing? I have a pasture full of dirtballs. Jk. I love the cowboy magic products.
11. If you could pick 2 horses off which would they be? this one
And this one
11 questions from Kalin
  1. How long have you owned/leased your horse/s? – I’ve officially owned George since May 12th. We bought George last April and My husband has owned Duke for like 8 years.
  2. If you were going to be trapped on an island with only three things, what would you take? a swiss army knife or leatherman tool, a big tarp, and a survivalist guide.
  3. What kind of saddle do you use? 8 times out of 10 I am riding in my Circle Y trail saddle.
  4. English or Western? I prefer English. My western saddle just isn’t that comfortable…but everyone says I need to ride in a ‘normal’ saddle when I ride with them. Dumb…but you gotta pick your battles…
  5. When you aren't riding, what do you like to do? I like to play games on my phone or computer. I really, really miss playing the Sims 3. Like really miss it.
  6. Is your family supportive of your riding? They are now.
  7. Favorite food & drink? Potatoes of any kind and milk
  8. What breed is your horse? Thoroughbred and then we have two horses of questionable lineage, but I’m sure they are part quarter horse.
  9. Favorite horse-related movie? The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit
  10. What is your favorite animal other than a horse? Dog
  11. Favorite song? Currently I am obsessed with “Redneck Crazy” By Tyler Farr. Like mad, crazy, obsessed.
11 questions from Niamh
1.    What's your biggest fear as a rider? *I feel like I don't trust people who say "nothing". I have a fear of getting hurt. Which I think is why I would stick to safe horses and never go faster than I was comfortable with. I think this is why George scares me because he is out of my comfort zone…but I am excited to ride him…weird.
2.    Who's your favorite rider and why? I don’t really follow any riders. I follow my blog friend riders and their progress. So I will pick them as my favorite rider, because they are all so different and knowledgeable!
3.    What's the most useful piece of advice someone's given you as a horse owner? Don't be stupid.
4.    How old were you when you got your first horse? I was 24 I think, when I got Yellow for my Birthday.
5.    Burghley, Badminton, or Rolex? Rolex
6.    Quick, you're trapped on a desert island, what three things do you bring?  Haha trick question. I hate the water and would never get into the situation where I’d be trapped on an island! But I would bring a backpack full of survival tools, a survivalist, and my glasses.
7.    If you could have dinner with anyone (alive or dead, famous or not) who would it be? This answer will blow your mind…. I would have dinner with myself BUT not my current self, my 16 year old self. I would tell her all kinds of things that would help her in her adult life. And I’d tell her not to worry about small things and that things could get worse. I’d also tell her that her ‘best friends’ will only be ‘friends’ (if that) in the future life won’t always revolve around them…Also I’d tell her to go take dog sled lessons…
8.    Favorite guilty pleasure?  I love The Sims 3 I said that already. But I haven’t played it in a long time because I get sucked into that world and neglect everything around me. God I miss it!
9.    Tell me three things on your bucket list.  Gallop a thoroughbred (yep, still haven’t done that and I’ve owned them) Go to the Kentucky Derby, meet some of my blog friends!
10.  If you could ride any well-known horse who would it be and why? Ummmm I don’t know any well-know horses, and chances are if I knew of one, it would be WAY more horse than I could handle!
11.  Would you rather: Ride without stirrups for the rest of your life OR have one arm tied behind your back at all times? Ride without stirrups. Imagine how amazing my legs would look…



  1. I'm so excited that you put The Horse in The Grey Flannel Suit for your movie:)

    1. George's show name is going to be "Aspercel" :-)