Thursday, June 6, 2013

expensive week.

Ahhhh the joys of horse ownership, paying for all their maintenance!  

The farrier came yesterday. It was a new farrier that I hadn’t ever used before. My regular farrier has been so swamped that he wasn’t able to come out. I’d been trying to get ahold of him for weeks. So I finally called someone else and she was able to come out within a week. If I had the patience and back for it, I would totally go to farrier school. There is always a need and just never seems to be enough of them to go around!
She was great and my horses were of course naughty. Duke will be working on his manners, Pistol will be working on being caught when the farrier is there, and George will work on being trimmed in the barn. I can’t believe how prancy Duke was. He’d never been like that before. Well maybe a few times. Okay so almost every time, But he usually gets over it within a few minutes. This time it was almost the entire trim. I also can’t believe how naughty Pistol was about being caught. He has been so good lately and will usually bug me and basically beg to be caught. Not when the farrier was there though. What a creep.  George wasn’t a fan of being trimmed in the barn. But once we trimmed him outside he was just fine.
The horses were all over due for trims, so we were charged a bit extra. Not a huge deal. I totally figured as much. I’d definitely use this farrier again.

Today was the vet visit day. I figured I would have the vet out to do spring shots, for the horses and the dogs too rather than having to make multiple vet appointments. The horses had their shots and coggins drawn and then George had a checkup. Geogre was first and obviously he was great for having blood drawn and shots given. I asked about his weight and he said that he was looking good, but could stand to gain a few pounds, but as far as Thoroughbreds go, he was looking normal. His lungs, guts, and heart sound great. The vet checked his back for soreness and when he hit a spot in the middle of his back he tossed his head every time. Vet thought that it could be related to his hind legs. He did a test where he held up his back foot for one minute and then had him trot off to see if there was any stiffness or soreness. And there was. The first leg George was too lazy to trot off right away. But the second time I’d given the vet a lunge whip and he trotted off with very visible soreness. The vet said that with a 10 year old horse, with a racing history it isn’t uncommon for him to have sore hocks. It’s very common and he sees it a lot with ex racers, barrel racers, cutters etc. He wanted to have him in for x-rays and then more than likely he would need to inject his hocks. I know it’s not a huge deal, but I’ve never had a horse that needed it done. I’ve worked with horses that have needed it done, and I’ve ridden horses that have had it done, but I always seemed to dodge the bullet on my own. Oh well not a huge deal. The vet said they usually only need to be done once a year. I had also asked after George didn’t want to trot off if that was normal for 10 year old Thoroughbreds. He laughed and said “no” a majority of thoroughbreds he sees, even older ones are still really feisty and will drag you away. I lucked out again with this bag of lazy bones.

Pistol was a champion for his shots and blood draw. But Duke was an absolute creep again. Thankfully my husband was still home and dealt with him. He just hates having anything put into him or taken out of him. Unless you are putting treats into his mouth, he doesn’t want any part of it. I’m glad the vet gave his shots and not us. Uffda. That is a strong, thick headed horse.
The dogs got their shots and had blood drawn to test for heartworm. It’s nice being able to get them all taken care of at home. I’d much rather have them get their shots and check up at home rather than hauling them all in and juggling them at the clinic. They are good dogs, but they are “farm dogs” and they don’t quite understand proper vet clinic etiquette.

Needless to say I’m not looking forward to the bill when it comes. I hate vet bills, but it’s a necessary evil just like the farrier bill. In hind sight I should have just had George’s back adjusted by the vet, but I wasn’t thinking property first thing this morning. Once I get him used to the trailer I will probably haul him in for xrays and/or injections, so I’ll just have him adjusted then too.
When the vet and his tech were all finished up, and were getting ready to leave they realized that their truck was locked. Yep, my barn cats had been crawling around in the truck and locked the doors. Thankfully though my husband had the tools to unlock the doors for them…why he has a automobile door unlocking kit…not sure, but we are all glad that he did!

Oh and one more thing!  When the farrier showed up yesterday and I brought George up to her, she said “that is a nice looking horse!” And then again this morning the vet said “He’s a real nice looking horse.”  My head is swelling up just like it did when everyone would stop me on my old Palomino and complement me on what a nice looking horse he was. Lets just hope that he rides as well as he looks!
OH and one more final, final thing. I am looking for a pair of regular old stirrup leathers. If anyone has any that they were wanting to find a new home for let me know. I have stuff to trade!


  1. Red is a 11-just turned 11-year old Quarter with Dash for Cash lineage..every time I've told anyone he's lazy and he is related to such huge race horses, they are all shocked!! Lol!! Good thing though because I couldn't handle a hot horse, maybe I could now, but not before. Ahh! I would'a gotten thrown off so quick. :)) My lab Molly is a farm dog, best dog ever, LOVES horses and even chickens, but she's awful at the vet because she wants to lick everyone and herd the little dogs. ;) I swear she's secretly a Great Pyrenees. :))

    1. That's funny, I had a QH with racing lines that was unbelievably lazy, too. I nick named him "Lance the Lazy".

  2. I heard my dear Husband talking to someone the other day about how buying a horse is definitely not the expensive part lol. Still, part of me always enjoys those routine care things...they make me feel that all is right in the world.

    From all of the pictures you've posted I have to agree with your farrier...George is a really nice looking horse! You should be proud!!!

  3. my gosh I cant get over the transformation of your new boy