Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Transformation Tuesday.

The top picture was the day I met George. The bottom picture was last night. He is starting to look a lot more like a horse and less like a woolly mammoth. His mane obviously still does whatever it wants. I have to admit though (knock on wood) this horse stays relatively clean for a white/gray horse. He's got his share of mud to roll in, but he usually stays far from it. Hooray! Love that fancy pony.
Obviously he could stand to use a few more pounds. I've upped his beet pulp ration. I've actually started to give all the horses beet pulp, they could all stand to put on a few pounds since there just isn't much nutrition in the grass right now. The funny thing when feeding him his beet pulp is that he doesn't want it when you watch him eat. As soon as you walk away he will dig in, but until then, he doesn't want anything to do with it. However he usually wants Pistol's beet pulp, even though the bowls are filled with exactly the same thing, he thinks Pistol's is tastier. So they usually share or I put their dishes right next to each other. They really have become quite the bffs.
The other day when I was out pushing George's buttons to see what makes him grumpy I realized that his bark is worse than his bite (so far). If you adjust his clothing he gets grumpy and around feeding time he gets really grumpy if you bug him. He just sort of pins his ears back and gives you the stink eye. He looks like he wants to bite you, but he's never even tried or even showed his teeth. He also doesn't kick when you are near his legs. Some horses Piney included would get fussy when you'd start to annoy him and would pick up his legs like he was going to kick you...infact he did get me good once or twice. I was always worried about crouching down to put his boots on. When you go near George to put his boots on he plants all 4 feet solid on the ground. Even if bugs are bugging him. He knows better and I'm sure someone taught him a lesson about that at one time.
Picture from Wendy Wooley, This is the face George gives me when I adjust his clothing or am annoying to him. I was told that you need to watch it if he doesn't trust you and are in his stall.
I want to thank ya'll for the kind words on my last post. I just doubt myself too much sometimes. One of my flaws. I need to put on my big girl breeches and deal with it as it comes. And take my time and go only as fast as I'm ready. I was terrified the first time I rode Piney, which is laughable now.  However, we did buy a post hole digger for my riding arena, so we can get that started if it ever stops raining here. Once I have my arena fence up I will feel a bit more comfortable working with him. Arenas are my security blanket of sorts. So thanks again for the words. I really do appreciate my blog world support system :-)


  1. Every single part of him just looks soooo much better.

  2. He looks SO good, great job! :)

  3. Quite a difference! He looks really good.