Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Made me LOL

Yesterday was just a ordinary, regular normal day. Until my husband called me from his work phone about 4:00 as he was leaving our cell phone providers store. Turns out they disconnected his personal phone from our plan because of the excessive roaming he does. Awesome. We'd been thinking of changing plans anyways so now was as good as time as any to move. I'd been with the company for 12 years. It felt like I was breaking up with them. But they let me go easy without early termination fees. We found another provider and were able to trade in our iPhone 4's for iPhone 5's straight up. We didn't even have to pay activation fees. Hooray! But when they went to transfer all my info from my old iPhone to my new ended up taking a few hours because I had over 2,000 pictures saved on it...Oops! I had been meaning to delete some of them...
Anyways we finally ended up getting home at about 10:00, after what ended up being a long day. I walked to check on the horses and noticed something was wrong with George's eye. Panicked, I ran up to him, and sure enough he had a 'black eye' except it was a 'poop eye'. He must have rolled in some poop and gave himself a nice circle around his eye.

Nice work buddy.


  1. Ugh, they're so gross sometimes! Hahah.

  2. My (grey) guy is fond of the poo pillow too... (glad I'm not the only picture hoarder lol)

  3. My-mostly white-Appy loves poop piles..Yep. Gotta love it. My bay loves them as well but it doesn't show up on him as much..Gotta love them.