Wednesday, July 10, 2013

sometimes life gets in the way.

Sometimes life just gets real busy and you don't have time to do anything else. I am still around, I've just been super busy. Seems like I can't get a moment to just relax.
I don't know if I posted or not, but one of my barn cats had kittens a few weeks ago. Well of course something happened to her and she left me with 4 tiny kittens that were still needing momma's care. I had to bottle feed them and make them go potty and bathe them. Thankfully though they were right about the age to be weaned so they learned how to do those things all by their selves.
BRAND new kittens! Taken right after I discovered them in the barn.

This was taken when momma was still around.

 It's been a learning process. And it SUCKS because I was fully prepared to give them all away to friends! But now, I know them all and have grown attached. Little creeps! Some even have names...
Look at this FACE!!

They learned to eat soft food, by themselves.

Well all of them except Fonzie. He likes to sit in the food.


 But of course something went wrong last weekend with one  of the kittens. And we had to take it to the vet. I know, I know...they are barn cats and sometimes they just don't make it. But I have a bleeding heart and we took her in. She made a HUGE recovery and is doing great now! And the vet felt bad for us and only charged us for the visit and exam rather than an emergency after hours visit.
Sick kitten.
So this is what has been taking up all of my time. Kittens. We are going on an adventure this weekend and these kittens get to stay at my mom's sorority sister from college's house. YES I KNOW they are barn cats, but I can't just leave them with no food for 4 days! I'm not a monster after all!
Adventure time!! Stay tuned!!

Life has made me age quite rapidly. Gone is my youth...
So that is that. I hope to update more frequently! Also, next week will mark the 1 year anniversary of Piney leaving me. Can you believe it's been a year already?


  1. We recently took in barn cats and my sister helped bottle feed. We rehomed all but two..We've done this several times before, you aren't alone! :)

  2. Wow I can't believe it's been a year!! Hugs!!

    Have a great trip and man those kitties are too cute! My daughter would love to have one, she asked me last night if we could take the barn cat home with us lol