Thursday, July 18, 2013


Well that might be an over exaggeration. But it's still pretty cool to have articles written about you!
Earlier this week I was browsing the Bowman Second Chance ranch's Facebook page looking to see if they had posted any more Thoroughbreds that I couldn't live without. I had noticed that Three Chimneys Farm had left a message on their wall saying that they had a girl looking for a son out of Dynaformer. They had heard that there might be one at the ranch and if memory serves me correct, I had seen one posted. I also noticed that no one had gotten back to them yet, they are pretty slow to respond sometimes. So I sent her an email with contact information of who she should call to find out about the horses. I thought it was pretty cool that a famous farm had contacted the ranch!
Anyways, I emailed and shortly after I got a response. I thought that was awesome. The girl was so thankful and we chatted briefly and then she asked if she could feature us on the Paulick Report where she features different OTTB's weekly. uummm SURE!
So we corresponded all this week and here is the article!

OTTB Showcase: Pine Bend (a.k.a. “Pinecone”) and Independent George (a.k.a. “George”)

I love the article! And since it was posted I've had a few of George's 'fans' find me on facebook and add me! They are excited to hear about his progress but of course are excited that he found a nice home.

There are so many of you out there with awesome OTTB's that you should share with the world. Contact the author of the article and she might feature you! She is really nice and funny.


  1. Love it!!! Piney will be there cheering you on Saturday when you get on George! Can't wait to hear about it :)