Tuesday, July 30, 2013

coulda been.

This is the horse that could have been mine instead of George.

His name is Pink Boots.
Apparently he is a real nice guy but has been at the ranch for two years because he has a weird foot, much like Piney had. But when kept on a regular trimming schedule Piney never really had any soundness issues...well other than the jail break fiasco...and the time he kicked the metal bar in the back of his stall, because he hated the horse next to him and ended up hurting his leg... but other than those two times he was always sound that I can think of and we kept him barefoot. He just couldn't go longer than 8 weeks for a trim.
If I had the room. I would go get this fellow.


If you are looking to adopt a Thoroughbred. Go check out: www.facebook.com/secondchancethoroughbredadoption


  1. He is beautiful, but in my opinion, George is even prettier! :) I wish I had the means to adopt one. Maybe in the future! :)

  2. He's cute!! I wish I could have more then 1!!