Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Old George photos.

Today I present to you a nice little walk down memory lane with George. If you can’t already tell, I am pretty darn excited for his arrival this weekend! When I first got off the phone with Dr. B about George and all I knew was the potential new pony’s name obviously the first thing I did was look him up on Equibase.com. The second thing I did was searched his name and looked to see if there were any pictures.

Imagine my surprise when I found that his name popped up in one of my favorite blogs. Turns out Wendy at From Racehorse to Showhorse knew Georgie boy and had taken a couple pictures of him. I contacted her about him and she thought he was just a great horse and was happy to hear that he might be finding his forever home soon.  She has been so kind to tell me what she knew about him and even put me in contact with her friend who works at Herringswell Stables where he trained. They both are over joyed that George is going to have a nice new home and are eager to hear updates about him. It makes me happy that he still has ‘friends’ that care about him.

I also found George’s pictures in a flikr account and contacted the photographer asking if it would be okay to post his pictures here. She too was extremely happy to hear that he was going to his forever home.

So without further ado….
The first picture I saw of George
Photo by Wendy Wooley

Being naughty!
Photo by Wendy Wooley

Going for a walk!
Photo by Julie Ziek

Look at those dapples!
Photo by Julie Ziek

having a snack.
Photo by Julie Ziek
 In all of these win pictures, he was being a great big CREEP in the winnners circle!

Training with Icabad Crane
Photo By Maggie Kimmitt


  1. Hurry up and arrive, George!!

  2. What a beautiful boy. I'm so excited for you!