Sunday, May 12, 2013

East bound and down, loaded up and truckin.

We picked Georgie boy this morning an we are headed home!
I'd be lying if I said loading him was easy. It was bad. He didn't turn into a fire breathing monster like Piney did, but he was difficult. He was just stubborn really. We tried being nice, we tried treats, we tried a stud chain, and then we gave him some drugs. We resorted to the last resort process...basically using a cattle loading thingy that we backed the trailer up to and used a gate to push him into the trailer. Once he was up into the trailer he was fine. He didn't like the step up. We have that to work on. I got him in and situated and we were off.
When I got there today and walked up to his pen he came right up to me. It made my heart happy. He is a pretty easy going guy, other than loading. I love him. He is really blowing out his coat too. I hope to get most of it pulled off of him tonight because its going to be 90 tomorrow. It was 30 degrees last night and it going to be 90 degrees tomorrow...oh North Dakota I love you.
I got his papers today. I also learned that he was almost named 'Independent Ridge'. The thing on his papers that really made my gear happy was a little sticker that had the Herringswell Stables phone number saying if the horse ever needed a home to call them. It also said on the sticker "this horse was not bred for slaughter". He really did have a lot of people that cared for him and continue to care for him. He is going to be a fun horse. I only hope I can give him the life he deserves. 

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  1. There is no doubt you will. I am very excited for you!