Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have a big collection of bits. Many of them I have never used personally but some how have made their home in my tack box. When people sell tack lots, they usually throw in a bunch of bits that they aren't using anymore. And I take them and put them lovingly in to my barn, because I might one day need one of them. I've only pictured are some of  our snaffle bits, I should do a post on the terrifying western bits I have aquired over the years...yikes!

Well George is coming home soon and he is going to need a bit. I'm not sure what kind to use on him. For Piney I used this Myler Comfort Snaffle D-ring. It was the bit every horse at my last barn used. I liked it well enough and he liked it well enough. I was told that TB's have low pallates so the Myler Comfort snaffles are a good match because it can't jab the top of their mouth as badly as a traditional snaffle.
I have been ridng Pistol in the Myler Comfort Snaffle D-ring. He responds well enough but I am thinking I might switch him to this Myler Comfort Snaffle.
This is a Korsteel French Link hollow mouth that might be a candiate for the new horse. But I don't have any experience with a french link, so I'm not sure the pros or cons.
There is this Stubben full cheek hollow mouth. But  I've never used a full cheek and don't know the pros or cons of these either.
or this full cheek.
I have a couple of these O-ring hollow snaffles. So if you want one...I can sell you one.
 And then there is this one that I used on yellow. I think I  bought it for Yellow because it looked like more of an english bit. Yeah...I don't know. I am thinking of putting this one on Pistol. The trainer last summer said he used a plain Eggbutt snaffle on him and he did great.
So if you have any advice or suggestions on what works and what doesn't I'd love to hear it! I have a few more bits in my barn too... obviously...


  1. I'd just try different things with him and see what he likes. My TB Dawn and Red are both comfortable in a simple single-jointed Mylar D - from the horse's point of view there's very little difference between a D and a full cheek. Pie, who has a very large tongue plus a low palate, is in a KK with a lozenge. Some horses prefer the comfort snaffle - it's a little more stable in the mouth, put can put pressure on the tongue that some horses don't like. The lozenge bit is more moveable, and some horses like it and some don't.

  2. I use a french link loose ring snaffle on Dandy that he does well in. It's my go to for most horses but not everyone likes them. You've got so many to play around with, I expect you'll find the best one before long.

  3. I'm a big fan of full cheeks on babies or green horses. Not that he's "green" in the traditional sense, but that steering might not be fully installed at first and I like the gentle leverage of the full cheek. Riley seems to really like and respect it, and I ride him in an egg butt XC (for now)

  4. I'm a big fan of plain eggbutt snaffles. I use them on every horse from the intermediate event horses (both TBs) to the greenbean babies (Tbs and an appy stallion) Occasionally if I need a little more I'll use a slow twist eggbutt.