Wednesday, May 22, 2013

about me.

Stole this from Karley :-)

       1. How long have you been riding?
hmmm…I’ve been around horses on and off since I lived in Sweden which was what feels like 100 years ago… There were some gaps, but I’d say about 12 years.

2. Do you own a horse?
I do! The husband and I have 3 horses.

3. What discipline do you ride?
I’m not sure. I don’t really fit into one specific discipline. One day I will be trail riding in my western saddle, and the next I will be bopping around the yard in my dressage saddle.

4. Jeans or breeches?
Breeches. I’d wear them to work, out to run errands, for a night on the town…if it was acceptable to do so…however…I HAVE seen girls wearing faux breeches and boots out and about…. Every pair of breeches I have are just so comfortable.

5. Have you ever leased a horse?
I’ve leased 2. The first was a mean old Arabian mare I lease in Sweden named Xanadue the second was a big fat AQHA mare named Val. I have steered clear of mares ever since…

6. Do you take riding lessons?

No. But I want to start taking lessons again!

7. What is your horses typical diet for the day?
They eat off of a grass round bale whenever they feel like it. When they get tired of that, they graze the pasture. They also get a nice serving of beet pulp at night.

8. Are you subscribed to any horse related magazines?
I was, but I’m not sure if I am anymore…LOL

9. Tall boots, paddock boots, cowboy boots, or wellies?
I like to look the part when riding. Silly as that seems. So if I am in my English saddle I like to ride in either tall boots or paddock boots with short chaps. But I wear cowboy boots almost every day so it’s tough to pick a favorite.

10. What is your favorite color of horse?

11. Describe your horse.
George – The newbie. 16.3 hh gray OTTB gelding. This horse has had a fancier life than I have. His personality is huge and he is quite a character.

Duke – The boss. 15.1? Chestnut gelding of questionable lineage. He is a big thick stock horse type. This horse is a great big sweet heart. Loves to be a pet. When it’s time to saddle up he can be very sensitive. If you are in a bad mood…steer clear of riding this one…

Pistol – The old man. 16 hh chestnut gelding again of questionable lineage we are thinking appendix quarter horse. He’s had a lot of wet saddle blankets in his life. Someone dumped him at an auction because he had turned into a train wreck. We put the pieces back together and now he is a great big sweet heart that is fun to ride!

12. Can you remember the first time you fell off?
Can I ever! Sweden September 1999. My very first English riding lesson. The horse I was riding spooked, I lost my balance and fell off but not before I was dragged across the hard ground a few meters.  

13. Do you board it or keep your horse at home?
I keep them at home!

14. Have you ever competed?
Yes I have. A few local shows and barn schooling shows.

15. What do you compete in?

English equitation, dressage and baby jumpers.


  1. I didn't know you lived in Sweden! How cool!!!

    Love that you say "hubby and I own 3" :)

    1. I was an exchange student there after I graduated High School. Best year ever!

      And in all honesty they are both of our horses. He rides just as much as I do :-)