Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blanket/sheet question

My horses wear size 80 to 82 horsey clothing. I tried to squeeze Pistol into a 78 blanket last fall and it was like "fat guy in a little coat!" We have all of my mother in-laws  sheets and blankets from when her family showed Arabians they are all the the 68-78 range. I had tried to get one on Piney and that was a gong Showa real bummer because they are all really nice, great quality sheets! I am always seeing used blankets for sale that are in the 74 and smaller range. Do I just have really big horses? Are horses that wear size 74ish clothing pretty common? What size blankets do your horses wear? 

"Fat horse in a little coat"

Better fit...a bit on the big side though at 82.

81 and a nice fit. P.S. Duke thinks horse clothes are ridiculous! 

Size small. Perfect fit.


  1. My two adults wore 75 and 78. They were both pretty average size horses at around 15.3 (TB) and 16h (ISH). My oldenburg baby who is 15 months old fits into a 69 fly sheet. She is 14.1... I definitely think 80 & 82 is a decent size horse but nothing out of the norm! You are probably seeing more 'on sale' or 'used' sales for 74 and below because no one buys them and they are trying to clear out inventory LOL! Those sizes are definitely for petite horses, or large ponies :)

  2. Dawn wears a 76" - she's about 15.1 and is a lightly built TB. Red wears a 76" or a 78" - he's only 15 hands but is broad through the chest and hindquarters. Pie wore a 76" when I first got him, is now in a 78" but it's looking like a bit of squeeze - he's matured to about 16 hands and is a big guy - I think he's going to need a 80". I had a 16.2 TB mare who was built more like a WB, and she wore a 82", but my other 16. 2 mare (TB/Trakhener) was fine in a 78".

    I think fit is as important as size - there are lots of brands out there that don't fit my horses well. Some people also buy blankets that are too big - if the top of the tail flap is not about at the top of the tail, but is sagging down, either the blanket is too big or it's not fitting properly in the shoulders.

  3. I agree that it depends on brand as well.

    80-82 are larger sizes but not completely abnormal. My WB mare currently takes a 76 (she's only 15.2 presently) but I expect her to mature around a 78.

  4. I've never been able to fit anything below an 80 on any of my OTTBs. 78 maaaaybe, but usually a bit of butt pokes out.

  5. Dandy is a 78 so I don't think it's that unusual for bigger horses.

  6. My ottb wears an 80 I can get him into a 78 but its a tight fit. He is most comfortable with 80-82. He has a very wide chest so he needs the bigger size.

  7. My ottb wears an 81 or 82 depending on the brand. He's 16.2 and pretty chesty. I usually err on the side of a bit too big rather than small because I hate the feeling of restriction on me when clothes are too tight...

  8. Henry wears and 80-82... I had a QH that wore a 76/78 and my other TB- who wasn't as build as Henry, she was more refined wore a 78-80.

    76 and below is pretty small in my world lol!