Monday, May 20, 2013

Mr. Personality.

One of the first things I heard about George is that he has a quirky personality. Not that it was a bad thing. But just that he was sort of strange. When he was racing and it was time to train, he wouldn't unless he wanted to and was ready. Everything had to be his idea. When I spend time with ol George, I am learn a bit more about his personality every day. Yesterday for example. I had noticed that the flies were bothering him so I grabbed the jug of fly spray and went to spray him down. But after I realized that since the spray had frozen over the winter it probably wasn't going to do me any good, I grabbed a fly sheet and fly boots. I put the boots on him first. As soon as I knelt down to put his boots on, he planted all 4 feet and stood like a statue. Good boy. Obviously it wasn't his first time having anything applied to his legs. Reason #3,450 why I love OTTB's. Then it was time to put on the fly sheet. He let me know how much it displeased him to be wearing clothing. I got the stink eye, as well as more ear pinning than I've ever seen in my life!  The funny thing though, not once did he try to kick or bite me. I've never seen a horse act that crabby without some nipping or warning kicks. He just stood there looking back at me, ears pinned as if he was saying "Damnit woman! I don't need this stupid sheet on!" But later I looked out and realized that he was happy and bug free. so he obviously didn't mind any of it once it was on his body.

George in his new gear eating supper.
I've also noticed that George looks very handsome in blue. Thankfully I've got plenty of blue gear stashed away in the barn. Piney and Yellow's color was hunter green. But For whatever reasons I've ended up with blue tack.

Friday night we were out playing with the horses and I looked over and this is what I saw.
"Look at mah ink!"

"Hur dee hur hurrr"
He had something stuck in his cheek and was trying to get it out. Always makes me giggle to see horses do that.

He's a fun horse. He's big and he's strong. But he is a sweet heart. And each moment I spend with him I get more and more attached to him.


  1. He's so gorgeous!!! I have a few of those "Derp" pictures myself..My horse loves to act silly when he sees a camera!!

  2. Blue certainly does suit him ...glad you are enjoying him!

  3. I'm new to your blog so I just did a quick catch up. You've been through a lot (a lot!) with your horses over the past few years and I can't even imagine how hard that's been. I think it's great that you've kept them in your life and I can't wait to hear about your adventures with George. He looks like quite a character! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It really has been a crazy few years!

  4. lol he wanted to show off his tattoo mom :)