Friday, April 5, 2013

revisiting old pictures.

There hasn’t been much happening in my world, hence the silence. Not a whole lot to really talk about these days in regards to the horses. (If you are my Facebook friend, you will read my often hilarious social commentary on how I see the world and  you will know I am still in fact alive.)

I was going through my computer when I found some old pictures and I decided to re edit them. They were taken last June 16th. Pistol was still pretty new and didn’t really trust me yet, Duke was still, well Duke, and Piney was alive. I remember it was a nice quiet June night. And for some reason I kept taking pictures of all of Piney’s physical characteristics, like his pin/freeze fire marks.

So you may remember some of these pictures, but some of them have never before been seen. In fact I forgot I even took some of these pictures, but I am glad I have them.

Little race horse.

That forelock! That pathetic, whispy forelock!!

"imma pretend to eat here so it lookz lik we don have any fud ever"

"I love you!"
"Pleaze love me or I'll bite ya!!"
Horse pile up.

"thiz iz how I do mah stretchez so I stay limber"

Nom, Nom, Nom

I almost forget what Pistol looks like when he isn't a hairy Yak.

That kissable nose.

His deformed foot. Look at it! LOOK AT IT!!! lol

Lookin ribby. He was always great at making me look like a horse abuser.

" HEY!! Move along YOU!"

This horse seriously makes me laugh. I was taking pictures and he just popped his head out of the window. If only I could get my client's kids to pose like this!

"thiz iz mah seniur piture!"

don't judge my barn...

"I'z a fanzy artzy fartzy horse"

Freeze fire marks.

Pinfire marks.

"yeah those jumps back there? not gonna jump them."

*le sigh* "I'z dreamin of a world without fences"


'hi! mah name iz Duke"

Emo horse.

Pistol is a really pretty horse, he doesn't have the best conformation out there, but he is pretty.

Duke is built like a tank. A big fat tank. Any thoughts on his conformation?
I miss you buddy.


  1. "thiz iz mah seniur piture!"
    Holy hell. I just burst out laughing and people are giving me strange looks.

    Your pictures are FANTASTIC! Come to WV and take my Senior Pictures (you can meet my pony! Yes, I am bribing you)

    Oh, and I love being friends with you on Fbook. You seriously crack me up.

  2. Aw these are great! Seriously... if I could fit Pip (the chestnut I've been riding) into a Fed-ex box and send him to you I would. He is the nicest, quietest 4 year old OTTB I have ever encountered. He's also a total ham. Every time I see him I think of you and Piney:)

  3. What an awesome set of pictures!!! You have tallent and some good subjects for sure!

    The ones with the window in black and white are just stunning!!

    I'd love to have some pictures like this of Henry and then use them around my house as art!! :)