Tuesday, April 23, 2013

excitement is building.

I have made some more phone calls. And there are tentative plans to head out west on Friday night. So that means... I can meet potential new pony on Saturday! They are still holding him for me.
I am beyond excited! I have been scouring the Internet and it is so cool to see potential new pony training with some pretty big named horses. I even watched his old race videos this afternoon. He is absolutely beautiful! I just wish I could fast forward to the day when he is living in my pasture.
Even though I am extremely excited...I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. Piney was just so easy. I will never forget my second ride on him, when I was in tears because all he would do was stand still. No matter how much I asked him to walk he wouldn't. He had brakes. In fact his favorite part of Dressage was the halt at X. What if this new pony doesn't have brakes? When I first got Piney I had an arena. Our arena is not up yet.
I am a good rider. I need to keep telling myself that. I just seem to forget most of the time. I think my new vest and helmet will work as a bit of a security blanket. But I am still nervous. Obviously not the best feeling to have when getting on a new thoroughbred. I am being silly. I just need to tell myself that I am a good rider. Because I am. My riding instructor put me on a young thoroughbred at my old barn. He was known as being a bit of a handful, but she said that I rode him beautifully and that I have really, nice, soft, quiet hands which he really responded to.

It's just nerves and excitement I am sure!

This is the pony wining his race by a few lengths.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!


  1. Eeeeek! You can do this, don't let the negative voice get in your head! :) SO EXCITED!

    1. I am beyond excited! I keep finding out little history tidbits about this horse and I was to share them...but I don't want to until it's finalized!!! This horse is really cool and If he is anything like i think he will be...he is going to be amazing!!

  2. Oh how exciting .....and a grey....how awesome. Can't wait to hear more, and make sure you believe in yourself!!

    1. I can't wait to tell more! BUT I have to wait until it is all finalized! I can't wait to go out and finally meet this horse I've heard and read so much about!