Thursday, March 14, 2013

what tha what?

As a tack hoarder I like to collect all things horse related. What I really like are when I can get my little tack hoarder hands on big boxes of horse stuff for very little money. A lot of the time the boxes contain horse things of varing age and use. It's like those fun grab bags you got at birthday parties when you were a kid! I always try to remain calm when wheeling and dealing for the box of stuff and then promptly dump the box out the moment I get home and start digging through and seeing what treasures lie within. I've ended up with some pretty nice stuff that way. I aquired a couple pairs of expensive reins, nice, and I mean really nice western headstalls, professionals choice SMBs, lead ropes, halters etc. Sometimes though, things end up in the boxes that even this tack ho, has no idea what they are or if they are even for horses. Usually if I am confused I hop on the internet machine and try to figure it out, like some sort of fun detective game. And usually I have some idea what I am looking up in the first place. Like when I came across a war bonnet in my tack collection. First, OUCH, I don't see the need to ever use that on my horses, but I keep it as a reminder that there are some really interesting peices of horse training equipment. And then there was this treasure that goes into my box of strange and unusual bits.

chain bit

look at this monster! umm Ow!
But back to my mystery items... Anyone know what the heck these are? They have been driving me crazy! I don't know what they are or what they are for? are they for horses? clothing? boats? horse harnesses? What are they?! I don't know if i've ever seen any thing like these ever before anywhere.

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  1. The tops ones kind of look like rein connectors for western/barrel reins. Maybe? That bit is nuts.