Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well crap.

So yesterday I had a great half day of work, the other half of the work day was spent at the golf course delivering adult beverages to golfers. It was a customer appreciation golf outing for one of the companies I work for. Love when I get to spend time outside for work! I had a wonderful steak dinner and then headed home only to find a big gray horse that lives in my pasture was incredibly, incredibly lame. Like super lame. He was gimping around on 3 legs and I appears his right front left was the culprit. I didn't notice any swelling or heat in his legs. But once I started feeling around his shoulder area he got pretty fussy. But obviously I have no clue how to pin point anything so a vet visit is in order.
Am I being overly cautious by bringing him to the vet? More than likely. Would many of you dear readers bring your horse to the vet when this happened? Probably not, because you probably know what to do. I haven't had an insanely huge vet bill in a long time so I am due for one.
My hubby said that when he got home and went to spray the horses with fly spray, all 3 came galloping across the pasture. I don't know if he pulled something there or if he's been stomping flies for so long that he strained/pulled something. Maybe it's an abscess that I can't see. Whatever it is, it is making him look miserable. I am lucky that our vet is only 16 miles away and they are awesome. I would just have them come out and look at him, but last time we had a super lame horse (Pistol) I had the vet come out, only to have them say "bring him in for xrays" so we paid for not only a farm call, but a vet office visit as well...
This morning when I went to feed him his breakfast he was all alone at the round bale feeder and I brought his feed pan half way out to him to see if he would walk to it. He walked a short distance and then stood there head tossing and flipping his face up and wouldn't walk any more. He is usually a drama queen...but not normally this bad. Soooo we are going to try and trailer him up to the vet this afternoon. He isn't a fan of the trailer, and will be even less of a fan of it since he is hurt.
So buy all of that tack that I put up for sale even though you don't need it. I am no doubt going to have a nice vet bill to deal with!!


  1. Replies
    1. I am really, really, really hoping it is something simple like an abscess...
      The horse retired sound, with never having been lame a day in his life. I guess this is what I get for letting him live a life of leisure...

  2. Jeepers! Let's hope he's just being dramatic and that it's something simple!

  3. Hope it's just an abscess or that he just pulled something minor. Maybe he's just sore from the galloping or once of the horses hurt him..

  4. Sounds like a vet visit is a good choice - hope it's just an abscess or something minor.

  5. Hopefully it's something simple and he's just being a drama queen!

  6. Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious and he loads up for you without too much drama. (wishful thinking?)