Monday, August 26, 2013

The time I had my brain photographed...

So Thursday night some time, my right arm went numb. No biggie, I thought, because it’s done that before. Well by Friday it was still numb. Hmmm, that’s not normal. So I decided that maybe I should go get it checked out. The internet assured me that it was something serious and only had about 24 hours to live, and you have to believe everything you read on the internet. So I went to the walk in. I HATE the walk in. There are always screaming children on their worst behavior. The parents don’t ever do anything  and when you aren’t feeling great…the last thing you want to deal with is screaming unruly children. They really ought to give you those light up flashy coaster things like they do at restaurants. That way I could have been outside waiting and not listening to screaming children.

They called me up, and butchered my name. I honestly don’t even care when people pronounce my name wrong, especially when it’s someone I’ll never see again. The nurse took my temps, and weighed me, and all that jazz. She wasn’t really laughing at my attempts at humor or interested in making small talk. She asked me if I had done any strenuous activities lately that may have triggered something in my body. I said that I hadn’t, other than messing with the horses Thursday night, but that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I had caught her interest. “Oh…what kind of riding do you do? English? Western?” she asked. I said “I love English, but my husband would prefer me to ride in a ‘normal’ western saddle”. She laughed. And then she asked me some more questions about my health . And then she asked “so do you do any jumping?” I said “no, but I just got a new Thoroughbred and I’d LOVE to jump him!”. To which she replied “NICE!” She went on to tell me that she used to train and show but then she had kids and no longer does any of it. I really hope that doesn’t happen to me…


The Doctor came in and was puzzled as to why my arm was numb. He asked me a million questions and had no answers for me. He wanted to schedule me for an MRI and an appointment with a neurologist. He left the room and that’s when I broke down crying. The words “MRI” and “Neurologist” just absolutely scared me. but I pulled it together when he popped back into the room.

They had me scheduled for an MRI the next day at 7 AM. Freakin 7AM! My brain is barely awake at that time on a normal day, let alone a Saturday. But I hauled myself out of bed at 5 and was at the hospital by 6:20…way early for my appointment, and nothing in the hospital was open yet…oh well. When it was time for my appointment the nurse was impressed that I was so prepared for my MRI. I had left all my jewelry at home and wore comfy, metal free clothing. They put me on the table, made me as comfortable as possible and covered me up with a blanket.

Getting an MRI was one of the weirdest experiences ever. Basically you are in this tiny little tube with the top being less than 6 inches from your face. There are all kinds of banging sounds like you are in a construction zone…and weirdly enough a bird chirping sound. They gave me ear plugs which helped quiet the noises, but they were still pretty loud. I laid there for what felt like a year, with my eyes closed because it’s very uncomfortable to look up and see the machine like RIGHT THERE in front of your face. I’m glad I’m not entirely claustrophobic. When they pulled me out I was the most nervous because I knew what was coming. They had to inject a contrasting agent into my blood to do a few more pictures. I. HATE. NEEDLES! HATE. HATE. HATE! I could never have been a junkie because I couldn’t deal with injecting myself all the time. Anyways they injected me and back I went. This time I was only in there for like 5 minutes. They pulled me out, and sent me on my way. I helped a friend photograph a wedding all day Saturday in unbearable heat. To say I was exhausted by the time I got home is the understatement of the year.

I am still waiting to hear my results. I have a meeting with a Neurologist on Wednesday. I am hoping that it is just a pinched nerve. But to be honest…I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something more serious. OBVIOUSLY I am hoping it is something simple that is an easy fix. But I am also prepping myself for the worst possible outcome…whatever that may be.

So that’s my story. The horses have been dealing with the heat and flies. It’s been so hot that it would be cruel to go ride those beasts. Yesterday the flies were so bad that when I was spraying Pistol down, George came stomping through like a freight train and pushed Pistol out of the way so he could be sprayed down. Poor George has just been attacked like crazy. I’ve also been treating him for ulcers and he has been feeling better…which means his personality is REALLY shining through. He is stubborn as a mule and when he doesn’t want to do something…damnit  he isn’t going to do it. It’s a good thing I love that horse. I’ve also bumped up his feed and added Cool Calories 100. I’m actually quite impressed with the results…even after one week.

Hopefully, this weather will cool down, and the DR will give me the okay to ride. I have wanted nothing more than to ride but nothing is cooperating with me! It's Monday and my arm is still numb...this sucks.


  1. Hope everything ends up the way you want it! Health is scary, isn't it? Sending prayers and thoughts your way!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kari! I really hope everything is okay, and by the way missy, your arm going numb is not something to take lightly! Fingers crossed for your results:)

  3. Heres to good results and everything being ok :) Hugs!

  4. Very scary and hope all is well - or at least better than the worst alternatives!

  5. That sounds so scary. Thinking good thoughts for you - hope it's something simple and easy to fix!