Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tack for sale...Tack for sale!

Time to move some stuff out of my barn and make room for stuff I can use. George looks like a hillbilly in his mismatched tack. It's embarrassing. When we ride past the corn fields I feel like the corn is judging us. So that's why it's time to move some stuff out of the barn to make room for some stuff that actually works on ol Georgie Boy. If any of this catches your fancy...which I'm sure it probably wont... Feel free to make me and offer I can't refuse!!

Here is just some of the stuff I am selling. I will have more. I promise. I am open to trades! I just want to get this stuff moved so I can focus on finding George and the gang some nice tack that fits.

First item for your consideration. A super nice HDR black padded bridle. This bridle is nice. The leather is so soft and supple. I LOVE this bridlee, unfortunately, it's probably a cob size as it doesn't fit George's normal horse sized head. It fit Piney's adorable cob head...but I only have big monsterous horses now, with big monsterous horsey faces.
I'm terrible at pricing things. But I am thinking $60 shipped.

 Here we have a 30 inch dressage girth. Not sure what brand. It is in good shape. Has felt on the inside. Wwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to small for my behemoths! $5?

 Ahhhh yes...saddle pads...My strange addiction. This is hard for me. Like really hard I love saddle pads. I love matching my outfits to my saddle pads...but the truth is. I love my sheepskin pad and my equine couture pads so I must part with these ones to make room for more sheepskin pads and equine couture pads...

I can't remember the brand on this one. It's very similar to the ones from dover. It's and AP and maroon with a plaid trim. The barn dust is free...but I can wash it too. Maroon hasn't ever really been my color but maybe it's yours? $10 and in excellent shape!
 Okay, this type of pad is awesome. I love these waffle weave pads and I used them at my old barn all the time. But I then was introduced to sheepskin and I love them more. So this little lady must leave. The straps have been cut off, not by me, I would never do such a thing. And she has a few stains, but I can wash it and try to remove some of the stains. It's white with black piping. like I said I LOVED these pads. This it's an AP and the stains wouldn't even really show when you had a saddle on it. $5.

This little pad is adorable and I SHOULD keep it because it has a little jockey on a gray horse...but the jockey is wearing red and yellow...George's color is bright blue. So this must leave home as well. It's a thin AP pad. really clean and in great shape. $5 

These SMB's are no name. I compared them to my Professional's choice and they are really similar and I'd put them at a size large? They have some dirt on the inside, and I can clean that out prior to shipping. The Velcro is super, super sticky these bad boys are in great shape! $30

I need to get pictures but other things I have up for sale are...

1 - Professional's Choice (dirty) white SMB 100
1- Professional's Choice (dirty)  white SMB 200 They aren't a matched pair...they were sent to me that way. Maybe you need just one replacement? Make me an offer
size 7 rubber riding boots $25
Size 6 Dafna riding boots $10 need some cleaning as they've been living in the barn...
Size 7.5 or 8 vintage riding dress boots. Found these bad boys hidden in the back of my closet. They are in amazing shape, and come with boot pulls. I'm guessing 80's or 90's? They just don't fit me. I bought them probably 10 years ago and they have moved around with me, but never got put on my feet because they are just too big. $50 perfect for bopping around the barn or bopping around town! Totally fashion forward for this fall!

Things I am looking for. I will take trades and if you have something for sale and want to take something as a partial trade and the price is right I would pay for the remainder!
black padded bridle horse sized
figure 8 noseband either in black or brown
a bright royal blue AP pad
Micklem bridle, horse sized. These have been recommended for George by a few people...
18 inch Wintec 2000 saddle
Open front jump boots
ankle boots

and the most sought after item...an OTTB pad...I know, I know...who in their right mind would part with one..

That is it for now. I will have more...much more...but this is just my jumping off point. It's painful for me to get rid of tack...because I love tack....but I need to do this....:-)


  1. I do NOT need anything (I do not, I do not, I do not), but I have to say I love your sale descriptions!

  2. Hey, go check out Rainbow Tack-just google and it'll be the first link-they make custom tack in any color. ;) Probably not fancy enough for shows but the bright blue reins and etc would look adorable on George!

  3. Oh way to tempt me! I will not give in!