Tuesday, August 20, 2013

horse show

A friend of mine teaches riding lessons and had a group of girls going to the local hunter/jumper show last Sunday. She had asked me if I could come along and take pictures of her girls so I thought “Heck Yes!” The English riding community here is small. There weren’t very many people showing. MAYBE 15 different people all day. They usually have dressage the first day and hunter/jumper the next day. But apparently they only had 3 people sign up for western dressage and regular dressage. I totally should have brought my ponies. Even though they have never done a dressage test…We totally would have walked away with ribbons.

The horse show was held out at the horse park which is where they have thoroughbred and quarter horse racing. They used to have racing every weekend in the summer, but due to mismanaged money...it dwindled down to one weekend this year. Which is better than the years when they didn't have any racing at all. This is the track I worked at for a few seasons. They have a cross country course set up on the infield, as well as a big outdoor arena, but they made the footing too deep so no one uses it. The set up the dressage ring and stadium jumps right on the race track. It was obviously the sand and they had planted grass on it to keep the sand from blowing away. Almost all of the horses were OTTB's so it was great to see them doing something on the track other than running. They were all calm as could be.

Back on the track again!
I’m actually planning on bringing a horse to the final show of the year. It’s in the middle of September and I am excited. I’ll probably bring Pistol and he will totally bomb. But you know what? I don’t care! It will be fun! I’ll probably enter classes and be competing against children…but…I. don’t.care. Who knows I may enter him into a baby jumpers class…I mean surely the old man can walk over some ground poles right? If we totally blow it…I’m not really going to cry about it. Its going to be fun!
Onwards to pictures. And speaking of pictures When you order show pictures what kind of pricing structure has the photographer used? I am going to sell images to my friends show team, but I just wasn’t sure what type of pricing to slap on there. Any insight would be wonderful!

We ride well up in this part of the country...

This girl had only jumped THREE TIMES before this show! She was entered in the 3' classes...and did amazing!

This girl. This horse.

I mean...

We were puzzled all day to what breed this guy was...He's a Hanoverian!


These two were fantastic!

A little bit of an overjump...


  1. These. Pictures. Are. Beautiful. Come to Tennessee and take pictures for me!! Lol!! Red is a willing participant! Love these, and what a pretty and different place for a show. Really interesting! Makes for a cool back drop!

  2. great pictures!!!

    HOLY Roman nose on that chestnut!!

  3. Fab photos! :D
    Delighted to hear that all is going well with George and that you're planning on having a fun day out at a show - how exciting!