Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you.

I just wanted to throw out a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been following our story and has left some love and support for Piney and I. It really does mean the world to me.  I read a lot of your blogs and have come to feel that I know each of you and your horses (and sometimes other 4 legged creatures!). I consider you all my friends, even if I've never actually met you. If you are new to my blog, thank you for following, I’m sorry that you had to start on my journey on such a sad time. I hope to start following your story and get to know you and your partners! Feel free to go back and read a little about my boy Piney. He truly was a one of a kind.

The plan is to continue blogging, I know I’m not the best writer out there and most of the time I suffer from word vomit and I ramble on and on and on. But I will continue to write about my two creep horses, my hillbilly farm, my adorable cocker spaniels, my adventures around North Dakota (and beyond), my photography, my sweet auction finds and of course there will be stories about the Boston Terrorist, Tucker. Some blog entries will more than likely be me talking about Piney and how much life sucks without him. I obviously plan to start talking more about how awesome Pistol is. You wouldn’t even believe he was the same horse that we brought home from the auction. I feel so guilty enjoying him though. My husband asked me if I wanted to ride last night and I made up a stupid excuse. I need to realize that Pistol needs me probably more than I need him. He’s starting to have a sparkle in his eye and adores being touched unlike when we first got him and he would avoid human contact at all cost. Someone was very cruel to him and he’s starting to realize that not everyone is bad or wants to hurt him. He is really a sweet boy and he is pretty well behaived. The other day it was really hot and we were hosing him down. He stood there in the pasture as hubby hosed him down. He didn’t even have him on a lead rope he just stood there. I asked hubby if Piney’s ghost had entered Pistols body. Duke on the other hand thought that we were trying to murder him when we sprayed him down…what a creep.
I also found out from my husband that the ranch where I got Piney from has 60-80 OTTB’s needing new homes. My husband is friends with the son of the veterinarian who gave Piney to me.  I probably should clarify a few things so you don’t think that these people are animal hoarders who have gotten themselves WAY over their heads.  The veterinarian is a traveling equine dentist and I must say he is awesome. He is also the track vet at Canterbury Park which is the racetrack in Minnesota. When thoroughbreds are injured, or too slow, or too old to race they are donated to the ranch where they spend at least a year to relax and to learn to be horses again. The ranch is about 4,000 acres and the horses receive hoof care, vet care, and are free to roam around and be part of a herd!  Most of the money to care for these horses comes out of his own pocket, but he receives donations from the track, as well as his clients and adoptive “parents”.  My husband and I have talked about going out there and getting another OTTB when the time is right. I’m not sure when that time will be. It could be in a month, it could be next year. I know for a fact that I want another Thoroughbred. I’m addicted. Ask any (well ALMOST any) person who rides Thoroughbreds and they will tell you that they wouldn’t want any other breed. So when I’m ready I plan to head out to the ranch and get adopted by another TB.

Life sucks right now but it will go on. I will always, ALWAYS miss Piney and I will always miss Yellow but I take comfort in knowing that somewhere they are waiting for me. Their bodies are restored, and they are both being lazy.
So thank you for everything you have said. It really means a lot to me.

PS. I have something really, REALLY awesome planned in the near future. It was what I had planned for a long time, but it’s taken a change of course and it’s going to be even more awesome! Just give me some time.

Love K.K.


  1. Life will always go on! You're a strong woman and you deserve to be happy. You'll hurt for while, but it'll get better. Just take one day at a time. I'm here for you...we're all here for you<3

  2. Hugs!! I love you comment that you are going to be adopted by another TB :D

    I too LOVE TB's and they are totally my breed :) Wouldn't have it any other way! I've had 4 of them and 2 were OTTBs :D

    The horse that adopts you will be the luckiest pony!

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I only just started following you but I can already tell you and Piney had a great relationship. I also love OTTBs and will one day have one but I also love my paint mare who thinks she is a race horse. (: I think if I was in your shoes I would have done the same thing last week and would have been a complete mess. I hope intime you can get another horse and start another journey.

  4. Heartfelt sympathy in your current loss of Piney, I know he'll always be with you as you move into new areas of your life, and all you learned together will be useful in your new endevors. Allow the grief, then celebrate the memories, and walk in the joy.

  5. I've been reading some of your blog posts since you commented about George on mine, and this is really hitting home for me. My mare had severe colic in February this year and colicked again on Sunday (but it was caught and resolved quickly). Yet I am still terrified and I worry so much about losing her. This is late but I am so sorry for the loss of Piney...I have not yet reached the post where you talk about getting George, but I am guessing that he came into your life because of the door Piney opened, yes?

    1. Yes, Piney opened the door for my lifelong love of TBs. If I hadn't had Piney I wouldn't have known just how amazing they are. I call him my gateway horse.
      Colic is so scary. I'd always had horses that I took care of recover so that's why I was so crushed when mine didn't.
      Thanks for reading!

    2. You're welcome. I cried into my peanut butter sandwich at lunch while reading about Piney!