Monday, July 23, 2012


  1. True, the ultimate decision in horse ownership is knowing when it's time for them. I'm so sorry, so sorry. Email me if you need to talk!

  2. Hi there...I came to your blog through Mare's, and send my deepest sympathies. I haven't been following your adventure so I don't know all the wonderful details of Piney, but I can tell you loved him deeply. Please don't ever forget that THAT is the greatest gift.

    I will say I was pretty excited to see where you're located! Near Fargo?! I was there last weekend! And we even stayed at a horse campground, Sheyenne something-or-another just south of the city. : ) Not that we brought any horses. : ) Kinda neat to find a fellow blogger so close to home! : ) Perhaps our paths will cross (or have crossed). : )

    All the best.
    - Sand.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words!
      I checked out your blog and saw you are from Manitoba. I was born and raised in Manitoba...Northern, NORTHERN Manitoba :-) My parents are still up in Manitoba and live in Winnipeg now. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you and your horse :-)

    2. lol "NORTHERN" : P My puppy's from Cross Lake, so maybe you know her parents?? ; )

      Sure is a small world! : ) You'll need to advise me on the best places to ride in ND!

    3. I was acutally born and raised in The Pas :-)

      It IS a small world. I'd say the best place to ride in North Dakota is out in the badlands. it's a HAUL! but there are some amazing trails, The horse camp you stayed at has got some pretty good riding there too. I'd like to say that a friend of mine's family owns the camp, but I can't be sure!

  3. A quote that helped me very much when my dog had to be put down:

    "Euthanasia is a way for us to take our pet's pain away from them and make it our own"