Monday, July 9, 2012

Picture overload!

I am back from my western adventure. I promise to tell you all about it, but for now I will overload you with pictures from my adventure!!

Please note: When we arrived to Medora, North Dakota I realized that I forgot to grab my camera bag so I only had with me my 50mm Compact Macro lens and camera with me. It does not feature a zoom of any sort so I had to get rally creative with my picture taking and get as closed to my subjects.

Duke was the only horse we brought out there...More on that fiasco later!
This is Duke's best buddy TwoBits.

The remains of a beef processing plant that was built by the Marquis de Mores.

Spare tires.

We spotted a Wintec lead line saddle....

on a bucking bull.

For my collection of squished pennies...Don't judge me...

The Chateau De Mores off in the distance...
Chateau De Mores

Pictures in no way do this place justice. So beautiful there...

There are bison in this picture.

Wild horses!!

This fellow...well I have a story about him...

WILD BISON! NO ZOOM LENS! We were that close to him...

Saw plenty of these by our ranch.

The Medora Musical. I generally do not like musicals, but I love this one..go figure!
The person who helped regenerate and bring tourism to the town of medora was Harold Schaffer who also created Mr. Bubble. So of course they would talk all about him...

This little fiddle player so so cute.

Clog dancing!

These singers couldn't clog dance...but they had wooden dolls that could.

Horses back in the day didn't have lives as good as they do now...

Teddy Roosevelt spent time in North Dakota. Actually it was North Dakota that helped toughen him up!
This was his actual saddle and some of his clothes.


We got cows!!

I love the Badlands!


  1. wow what fabulous photos. It looks like a really amazing place

  2. I love the Badlands too! I was blown a way when we were passing through ND on our way to see Dee two years ago. I think about it all the time. When Jason Aldean sings Fly Over States, it's like yeah, been there, awesome spot! lol Great pictures!