Thursday, March 24, 2011

two year aniversary...

It was two years ago I first laid eyes on my horse. He was not what I thought my dream horse was going to look like. I will never forget the first time he came up to me and started following me around. He looked so hopeful when he approached me like he knew I was his person. After all he had been on the retirement ranch for two years and had dozens of people come out and look at him and his herd mates. The owner of the ranch told me that Piney was the friendliest horse he’d ever hosted at his place and it was a mystery as to why he’d been there as long as he had been.

Seeing Piney for the first time wasn’t love at first sight. I knew he was a sweet horse when I first came in contact with him, but he just wasn’t what I’d dreamed about in the weeks leading up to that day. But I’m so glad that I did end up bringing him home with me that day. He’s been nothing short of a dream come true.

I never knew that the dirty, hairy, bony beast that I brought home that day two years ago would turn out to be such an amazing horse. He made an amazing first impression with all the girls I ride with at the barn. I brought him into the arena to groom him and then before I knew it I had 3 friends helping me groom him and he was just eating it up with a spoon. He stood there the entire time not moving a muscle, loving every second of 4 girls loving up on him. We pulled about 50 pounds of dirt and hair off of him, and pulled his mane and trimmed his tail. He stood there ground tied the entire time. He started to shine and it was a few months later when he FINALLY lost his shaggy, winter coat we uncovered the softest, silkiest coat we’d ever touched. Everyone couldn’t believe that just a few short months prior, he was such a hag. I’ve heard everyone at the barn complement me on how soft he is and how they could stand there all day petting him.

It was May the first time I rode Piney. And I honestly thought it was going to be much more work than it has been. When I rode him for the first time it was one of my most memorable and amazing rides in my life. The fact that he walked and trotted around that arena like he’d done it all his life was unbelievable. I wanted to take things slow because he was still kind of skinny and I was kind of nervous to ride an ex racehorse. I didn’t know if he was going to blow up when I got on his back, I had no idea what to expect. But I got up there and he stood still as I mounted (something I hadn’t even thought about working on) which was awesome. First I had someone lead me around. As I felt more confident I asked her to un hook the leadline and we were off. Walking and trotting around like he’d been an old lesson horse not a racehorse.

He’s been such a great partner and I couldn’t ask for more in a horse. He’s my buddy and I love him so much. He’s not everyone’s dream horse, that’s for sure. He’s hard to ride if you don’t know which of his buttons you need to push. It took me some time but I’ve figured them out and I can ride him like no one else. That sounds really cocky but its true. I know I haven’t ridden in a very long time. This winter has just been so hard on me. I’m glad it’s spring and it warming up. I’m looking forward to a lot of riding this summer. I know Pinecone will enjoy trail riding and going new places with me. If at all possible this summer we may even bring him to a few shows. That is if we get over our trailer anxiety.


  1. It really sounds like it was just meant to be. I love reading things like this!

  2. Happy anniversary! Best wishes for many more.

    p.s. You will conquer the trailer! I know you will!