Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun Website

I recently stumbled upon my favorite website that I’d lost along the way. Its the FBiPlanner from FBi Buildings. It’s a free online building planning site. It’s for a company that specializes in buildings for storage, machine shops and equine barns. The last time I played with it was in 2005! For some reason I forgot what it was called and then just kind of forgot about it. I logged in and my old dream barn building plans are in there. I had done a plan for the barn I was working at, at the time. I had designed a few changes I would have made. It’s funny to look a back at them. If you have the chance, play around with the planner it’s a lot of fun. They even let you print out your plans and save them. It’s all free too.

I put in the dimensions of the barn at the property we put an offer on. I wanted to see how I could gut it and make it ready for some monsters. I’ve designed my dream barn a million times, now if only I could AFFORD my dream barn.

One of the pre designed equine barns
One of my dream barns I made in 2005, complete with attached riding arena and viewing lounge! The thing is I don't think i'd WANT a 12 stall barn anymore 5 years ago i had the energy to clean 12 stalls twice a day...I don't anymore!!

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  1. Looks good. I wish our arena was attached to the barn. It get chilly walking down the lane. :-)