Friday, January 30, 2015

update on lost horse.

There is still no leads on where this horse came from. I called the vet this morning to check and see if they heard of anything and still nothing. We haven't received any word from the radio station either. My farrier thinks it's looking more and more like someone just dumped him off. Although a friend of mine did suggest that maybe his owners are on vacation and don't know he is missing. That is a scenario that is completely possible seeing as how every one I know has headed south in search of warm sandy beaches.
They send me this picture this morning and said he was doing great. Very friendly and seemed to be just fine about being in the clinic. He is in good shape, and said that he has been well taken care of. 

But I did let vet know that if no one comes forward for him in the next few days. I would set something up at my place so that I could 'foster' him and then eventually if no one came forward I would offer him a permanent home. 

Clearly I am a crazy person.


  1. Yup, you are definitely in love. Do you or the vet have any idea about his age? There are people around here who still find abandoned horses, but there are also people who have their horses stolen. When I first moved here I was always listening for the sound of the barn gate at night thinking someone might steal one of my horses, but now I'm half-expecting to walk outside and find an extra horse some day.

  2. That is awesome! He is a lucky boy :)

  3. If by crazy person you mean totally sane, fucking awesome person, you are correct! Such a cutie. Definitely keep us updated!