Saturday, January 31, 2015

Close call.

It was a super close call. We almost ended up with another horse. I loved him even though I didn't know him well. Pat horses found his people! Small world, it was my sorority sister's husband who is from (and still loves in) my father's home town that recognized the lost horse  and recognized his owner. 
Also a super weird turn of events... My best friend was the one who foaled him out. Yes. My friend who brought him to the vet clinic was the one who owned him when he was a colt. It's been 15 years since she had seen him so it was understandable that she didn't recognize him right away. 

So that is my story so far. I may or may not have drank a bunch tonight. I am sorry.. But also not that sorry... 


  1. Glad the horse found his people again. I just took on another horse, so I know what you mean . . .

  2. Hey! So it's come to my attention that Blogger isn't updating/redirecting my old blog to my new one. I'm going around commenting on all the blogs I follow because I don't know how to contact everyone otherwise. My old blog Horses: The Process of Learning is back in action at This is some kind of blogger error. But I would love for you to come follow me over there! Thanks girl!!

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