Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lost horse.

I got a phone call from my neighbour this afternoon wondering if I was missing a horse. Whenever I hear that sort of thing I panic. I work 45 miles from home so I can just rush home and check on them. She asked me how many we currently had and if I had a sorrel with a blaze. Umm yeah I have a sorrel with a blaze but we only have 3.5. There were currently 4.5 horses on my property. Someone had originally called her wondering it belonged to her father in law which it didn't. But she was going to call around a few more people and see if they were missing any. Well fast forward a few hours and I got home to find this standing outside of my pasture.
I mean come on. I was hoping when she called to say there was loose horse that there would be a horse that I wouldn't fall instantly in love with. 
Duke kept pretty close eye on him and they were a cute couple. The lost boy was shaking pretty bad but I walked right up to him and threw a halter on him. He was super friendly and well behaved. A real gentleman.
I called my bestie who lives down the road and she stopped by to help me try and figure out where he lives. We called a local news radio station, our vet clinic, and the sheriffs department. All the meanwhile snuggling him and commenting on what a sweet boy he was. 
I got a call back from a deputy sherif and he said they had done some calling around and did some brainstorming on what to do with a lost horse. He asked if I could put him anywhere on my property and honestly there just wasn't anywhere to put him. All our corral panels are tied up at the moment, due to the ongoing house project and I just didn't trust leaving him in a stall in my barn. Our box stalls are kinda small for regular sized horses and I didn't want him freaking out because he was alone and end up kicking down my barn. I had asked the deputy if I could just bring him to the pound in town. We both laughed and he said they actually talked about trying to find a "horse pound". But he said to keep calling around and let them know what happened.
I called back to my vet clinic and talked to the emergency vet on call. I asked if being him in and leave him there until his owners were found. And he said that they could of course take him. So hooked up the trailer we did and crossed our fingers that he would load. He was so calm and relaxed about everything. He was a little hesitant about getting in the trailer, but he hopped right in. He did need to get right back out again, but once we loaded him again and closed the door, he rode like a champion. Sure he thought the trailer floor was 5ft higher than it was and he kind of flew in there... But he got in easier than my creeps. 
We got him to the vet and unloaded him and he was a little snorty but he stayed nice and relaxed. My friend and I agreed that he was probably some little girl's best buddy and she didn't know he was missing. He was just too sweet and clearly had been well loved. We tucked him into his stall and kissed him good night. I had planned on calling the vet clinic in the morning to rsvp to their annual Equine wellness seminar (which my husband is a guest speaker at and who's company is sponsoring the event) so I'll find out what will happen to the little horse if no one steps forward to claim him. 
Do I need another horse? Absolutely not. But he was a really nice little guy. Clearly I want him to find his people. My farrier was asking around to her clients in the area and no one was missing a horse but they were calling around too. She also mentioned that it is possible that someone just dropped him off. It's rare in these parts, but it has happened. But why did it have to be a red horse with a white blaze. I mean really? 
We just can't figure out where he belongs. Everyone in the area is scratching their heads. But I mean it's possible that someone is missing him and they don't know it yet. There has been many times I come home and don't see all my horses. I figure that one of them is in the barn or whatever. Plus it's dark usually when we get home, so sometimes you just don't see them. 
So send good thoughts that his people come and claim him! I really, really don't need another. Even if we do have extra hay... And he is really sweet... And really friendly... And really red...


  1. He is adorable! I hope he finds his family soon....or you should totally let him join your herd :P

  2. OMG he's gorgeous! I LOVE red horses with chrome. if you can't find a home for him, send him East to meeee!