Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My little pony.

I realized that I don't often talk about our Shetland pony, Princess Rainbow Sparkles Dolly. I realized I don't talk about her much because he was a bit of a pill. If you wanted to interact with her you basically had to corner her, and then tackle her. She had a halter with a catch rope on it when we got her and I learned why. She just didn't like being caught. Once you did actually catch her she was great. Super easy to handle, groom, worm, vaccinate etc. But it was the catching part that just exhausted me.
For whatever reason, a reason that I'm not even sure of, she has become a little lover. Last night when I got home from work I heard her nickering to me when I got out of my car. So I went into her pen, and usually she will tense up and then bolt the other way. She came over to me, and then started nuzzling my hands. I walked across her pen, and she followed, I ran across her pen, and she trotted after me. I stopped, she stopped. She couldn't get enough of me. It was pretty cute.
The way she is acting, is exactly what I wanted in a pony. A sweet little creature that follows me around like a puppy. Instead of the nightmareish creature that we had a month ago. This is the kind of pony that you can catch and then put little humans on. One that will follow me around with out a halter and lead rope. Oh I just love that little critter.


  1. What a pleasant change. I hope her sweetness just keeps on sweetening for you.

    1. Me too! Especially since George has turned into a big old grouch!

  2. I am glad she's coming around, I'm sure she will have her "moments" most ponies do, but hopefully they will be few and far between now.

    (Thanks for visiting BTW) :)