Monday, September 16, 2013

long battle

It has been an excruciatingly long battle to get George to not look like a poster child for neglected and abused animals. But I am happy to say that his ribs are almost non existent. I struggled for months and months with him but I think I figured it out. He was treated for ulcers, and he gets about 100 pounds of beet pulp twice a day, 75 pounds of Safechoice once a day, and then 64 ounces of cool calories 100. Totally kidding about those measurements, but it certainly feels like that's how much I give him.
So now that he has put on weight, it's time to put on muscle. I think when he muscles up a bit he will look great. I still am taken back sometimes at how pretty he really is. I always thought Piney was cute and probably the most adorable horse I'd ever seen in my life. But George is super elegant and classy looking. EVEN when he's covered in mud (98% of the time). I look at him and think "holy crap that is a fancy horse in my pasture!" I was going to give him a bath this weekend, but Saturday it rained all. day. long. And Sunday was super cold and our pasture was muddy so yeah that didn't happen. This week is supposed to be hot still, so I might try to bathe him after work one day. He loved baths so I am hoping that he still does. My hubby sprayed him with a hose and he loved that so I am guessing that bathing won't be a problem. But I will need nice pictures of him to enter in Niamh's awesome contest she has going on!!

This weekend we were invited to our vet's employee appreciation dinner because we are their best clients and they wanted to thank us for paying all of their salaries. Kidding! My husband was invited because of his work. It was a lot of fun despite the rain. It is always fun to visit with our vets on a more upbeat ocasion rather than the usual reasons we go in to see them. I also got to meet a few of the vets that I haven't really worked with and I must say they are a funny bunch of folks. They had a pig roast for the meal and I asked if it was a client of theirs. It was so weird seeing one of our vets cutting open the pig, it was like watching a strange, weird, bizzaro surgery.
In addition to socializing we got to meet a few of the host's goats. I want this one.... he is for sale.


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    1. Seriously wanted to take him home. But when our vet was talking about the goats, one of the first thing he said was "they are destructive" I think that just solidified the fact that my husband will never let me have one.

  2. Yummm a pig roast but YUCK if it was a client lol!

    George is looking great!

    1. As it turns out it wasn't a client! They don't actually see many pigs in this area.

  3. Aww! The goat is so cute! By the way, congrats with the giveaway at Life of Riley.