Thursday, March 1, 2012

Favorite from yesterday.

I know I already posted a bunch of pictures from yesterday but I was playing around with one and edited it a bit more. Have I ever told you that I have a mad passionate love for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? Well I do...

It shouldn't be my favorite since he looks absolutely miserable but I just love how it turned out.

Also Duke felt pretty pissed off that I never posted a picture of him "suffering" in the cold yesterday.

They both survived just fine yesterday without their blankets. I felt like an awful mother when I saw them so snowy yesterday, but their snow coats didn't last all that long. I looked out about an hour after taking these pictures and they didn't have any frost left on them. They are pretty hearty creatures. Their coats are designed to handle most everything!
Piney used to be blanketed every day it was below freezing when I boarded him. He was also stabled at night. He has adjusted just fine to being naked and Duke, well he as been naked his whole life. He's never even been in a stall and he's the healthiest damn horse I've ever met! It's not fair I tell ya! Not fair at all!


  1. Poor neglected ponies! haha, they look so cool covered in snow.

  2. Hee Hee it's hard not feeling bad, but then when I doubt myself too for leaving Laz (gasp) naked, I touch him and he's a heater box. They look great!!

  3. He's adjusted so well to living outside naked! He's the healthiest and happiest I've ever seen him too! I had thought about scraping the ice off and blanketing him but he was still pretty warm when I felt him. They are such amazing animals I tell ya!