Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 year anniversary!

Three years ago I was standing in a pen filled with 40 OTTBs, in western North Dakota. I had my mind made up that I was bringing home with me a big, young, grey mare or if I didn’t like the grey ones, a big, young, solid bay, mare. I’d made up my mind and no one was going to convince me otherwise. But actually a friendly but and older, sad, little, red gelding convinced me otherwise. I’m so happy that he did!
Over the last three years I’ve had so much fun with Piney. I’ve LOVED learning about his history and have gotten to know his owners/breeders. Who are so happy that a horse from their stables has gone on to have such a wonderful life after his racing career. Piney has been a charmer and there hasn’t been anyone that’s met him that hasn’t fallen in love with him. He’s a beautiful mover and at one point my riding instructor told me that he was the most beautiful mover in the barn. We’ve won ribbons and he we even earned Reserve High Point at our last dressage show. He is such a great boy and I just love him. Weather we are doing dressage, or jumping or if we are just riding out on the road he is a champ. Of course there is that dark period in our history where he panicked in the trailer and I left with a concussion and had to have my head stapled back together…but we don’t like to talk much about that time. He’s been a great horse and a best friend to me. I love him more each day.
Happy Anniversary buddy! So glad I met you and get to have you in my life!
First time in the arena.

Hello, there!

Love that horse!

First show.

Piney telling me secrets

I see you!

Piney gettin his teeth did in a traveling horse dentist office, from the nice vet who gave him to me!
He also did his teeth for free!


  1. Happy anniversary! love the pics :) I've got a big gray OTTB mare if you wantttttt one lol

  2. Happy anniversary and best wishes for many more!!

  3. Thanks! I am so thankful to have that little red horse in my life.

    @Ashley - I've seen that big grey OTTB mare you have and am in LOVE with her! I've tried convincing my husband I NEED her...he's not falling for it lol

  4. Happy anniversary! I think that picture of you hugging him is my favorite. That's what it's all about!