Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't turn around! and Dog updates

The person behind me kept flashing their brights at me...they wanted me to know THERE WAS SOMEONE IN THE BACK SEAT!!!

hehe! Tucker found the step stool I had in the backseat of my pickup and sat on there the entire way home.

My blackberry takes awful pictures! I miss my awesome new phone that Tucker broke. *sigh*

In other Tucker news...
Someone was a conehead. You can kinda tell that his right eye was sore. He must have poked it some time last week and it was so yucky and puffy, and got really cloudy. The vet said it was an ulcer (like I have a tendency to get!) and that he needed to wear his cone and be on a bunch of meds. When he wasn't feeling good he was super chill, and all he wanted to do was snuggle. He played major guilt trips on me and I let him sleep in the bed with me. He's been doing that for a week now. He's feeling much better, but he still thinks he gets to sleep with me and I still let him.

The other dogs are LOVING farm life as much as Tucker is. The front corral at our place is just overgrown weeds so I let the dogs play in there last week...proably where tucker poked his eye.
Cocker Spaniels LOVE playing in tall grass. They were in heaven
Cocker Spaniel in his natural hunting habitat.

Love him!

Happy Boy!

"Throw the Ball!"

Crazy face!

Pooper making her snow angels. Please note how disgusting her white fur is. All that rolling did nothing but make her more disgusting. My sweet little girl rolls in all kinds of things...daily.

"I'm ACTUALLY a pointing dog mom!"

"ummm throw the ball!"


  1. Love the rear view mirror picture! Your dogs are all adorable. ;)

  2. That rear view mirror picture cracked me up! Great pics - thanks for sharing.

  3. There's that handsome boy! He must absolutely love where he's at now. Silly boy! I hope his eye is OK. Fred's been in my bed more than he's been out lately too. How do they do that? Such happy dogs.

  4. The rearview picture makes me laugh every single time I look at it! It was even funnier in person! There was Tucker sitting on the highest point he could find so he could keep his eyes on me.

    Tucker is feeling MUCH better. he's gotten back to his old self and is as full of life as ever. The first day he started his meds and was still wearing his cone he went to "desensitize" the horses incase they ever encounter a running lamp. I love that little rascal!