Monday, August 22, 2011

a survey.

I love surveys. plus I have no horse to write about theses days so here you go...

1. Do you have a horse (or do your ride one)? color, breed, etc – I have an 11 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding.

2. How long have you been riding? – on and off for about 12 years.

3. Synthetic or leather reins?- Leather.

4. English or Western? why? – I prefer English because I can feel my horse a bit better and it seems like I can more effectively communicate with my legs. With my western saddle I seem to have so much leather between me and my horse.

5. Favorite breed? - Thoroughbred. I’ve always loved them I just didn’t think I was a good enough rider to handle one. I love their heart and I love their work ethic.

6. Favorite color? - Grey is my absolute favorite. Palomino is a close second.

7. Rubber or leather boots? - Leather for riding, rubber for working!

8. Pony or Horse? - Horse

9. Show, games or trail? – I love showing, but I HATE getting my horse ready for a show. I suck at grooming and can’t ever get him spotless. Trail riding is super fun with Piney because he is so calm and ready for adventures.

10. Sunscreen or bug spray? – Both, but I always forget them and end up sunburned with bug bites

11. Nylon, rope or leather halter? – Leather. I think it just looks classic on my little tb’s face.

12. Saddle or bareback? - For a long time I was riding bareback because I was lazy. But I prefer a saddle or at the very least a bareback pad.

13. Mares or Geldings? ... Stallions? - Geldings!

14. What type of saddle do you use? – My dressage saddle is a Wintec Pro Dressage and I LOVE it! It’s super comfortable, it’s light and it’s easy to take care of. I especially love the equisuede that acts like glue and keeps me locked in the saddle. My western saddle is a Circle Y park and trail saddle. When I got it I was absolutely in love with it. I bought it to match my headstall and breast collar. It’s a great saddle but it isn’t super comfortable. It does it’s job well, and I love how Piney moves in it. plus it fits him well!

15. Something silly about your horse’s personality? – He is the world’s laziest Thoroughbred. He will fall asleep in the arena if I let him stand long enough.

16. Jumping or barrels? – Jumping. Although….barrels looks like something I’d give a try if I could get Piney going.

17. Favorite gait? Why? - I love the canter because on a smooth horse it feels like you are riding a big rocking horse. Piney’s canter is amazing! He’s got a huge stride and covers so much ground and he is super smooth. BUT he doesn’t do it unless we have a big conversation first….he needs some work…

18. Favorite horse movie? – The horse in the grey flannel suit!

19. Favorite horse websites? Greenhawk, Dover, Chicks saddlery, Stateline Tack and Blogger...hahaha I follow a ton of awesome horse blogs :-)

18. What color saddle pad, halter, etc.? – My saddle pad depends on my mood and outfit. My halter is dark brown leather, but my nylon halter is a sage green. My saddle carriers and other “luggage” is hunter green. Piney’s winter blanket was tan and navy plaid. His lighter blanket, sheet and hood are hunter green. His cooler is bright blue. His fly sheet is red.

19. Do you like natural horseman ship? – I don’t really know a lot about it. some of it looks interesting.

20. Biggest achievement with horses (so far!)? – Every ride is an achievement! But I think Piney getting reserve champ at his last show is my biggest acheievement.

21. Appaloosa, paint or both? I prefer real loud paints that are mostly white. I am not a HUGE fan of Appys because they tend to have creepy eyes and pathetic whispy tails…but some of the snowflake blanketed ones are really pretty.

22. Weirdest thing you've ever done with a horse? – I watched the movie Racing Stripes with my old horse.

23. Ever ridden on a beach? - No, but I’ve ridden on the shore of a river.

24. Ever gone camping with your horse? - Yes! And it was a blast!

25. How old were you when you fell off? - 17

26. Trail ride alone or with a buddy? – Well when I trail ride I’m always with my buddy Piney! Lol! But I like having company, sometimes I prefer going alone. It gives me more time to think and relax.

27. Helmet (i hope) or not? Both….yes I know shame on me!

28. On a scale from 1-20. How much do you love horses? 17…I love them but sometimes they can really piss me off! Especially when I was paying board, or vet, or farrier, or I’d been kicked, stomped, pushed, dragged, or if I had to miss out on ANOTHER fun event because I was on call for horse chores.

29. Ever been really scared on a horse? Yes.

30. Did you like this survey? It was just fine!

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