Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lazy bones

I rode last night. It went ok until we practiced our Intro A and B tests. He was starting to run of of steam and I knew he was, but the barn owner/my riding instructor came through the barn and asked if I wanted to practice the tests. The halts were pefectly square and right at X and our 20 meter circles were fabulous but everything else was horrible.I couldn't keep him at a nice consistant trot and his walk was really lazy and slow. going to the left is his difficult direction so near the end of our ride he was walking like a drunken idiot.   Pinecone is a bit out of shape as its been so horribly hot I don't want to ride. He gets so hot just standing in his stall with his fan on him.But it seems the weather has started to cool down the last few days. This spring he was doing so awesome since there was someone was working with him 6 days a week....but then heat wave. ugh I don't do well in the heat and humidity.
We have a schooling show at the barn over labor day weekend. So it looks like we better get our butts in gear. Of all the horses at the barn Pinecone is the least ready for the show. It's my fault and I know it. I just haven't gotten out there enough to work with him. He's pretty quick to remember things when we start working consistantly its just tough to get our heads back in the game. I plan on riding for a little bit tonight and tommorrow. If I can get my butt in the saddle at least 4 days a week I think we'll both be in a little better shape in a few weeks. It's tough when we are both lazy bones due to this heat!!!

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