Friday, August 13, 2010


This is a blog about a horse. He’s not a grand prix dressage horse, nor did he cost me an entire year’s salary. He isn’t a fancy warmblood with a passport. He doesn’t have some strange disease that has me and every veterinarian across the country scratching their heads as to the cause. He will never go to the world equestrian games or any other world show. He’s doesn’t chase cattle, bad guys or barrels. He isn’t gaited, or painted. In fact he’s one of the most common colors of horses out there. He isn’t a rare and exotic breed and actually 37,000 foals a year are registered into his registry.
So you are probably wondering why is this horse so special? Meet Pine Bend or as I call him Pinecone.
He is a 16hh chestnut off track thoroughbred that adopted me in March of 2009. In my eyes, he’s the greatest horse I’ve ever met. Each time I ride him I wonder how I ever got so lucky. All the girls at the barn giggle when they see us together because he’s my biggest fan. He follows me around like a puppy and will fall asleep with his head in my lap. I’ll get into the story of how he found me on another day since it is sort of a long story. he’s the sweetest, calmest fellow I’ve ever met. He’s never taken off with me and he’s never dumped me on the ground. I’m not saying that he never will but, we are learning things together at the same pace. His sweet nature makes everyone he meets fall in love with him. When I see other people, especially children, riding him it makes me incredibly proud. He always takes care of his rider. I love him.
This blogs main focus will be ol Pinecone and updates on our progress as dressage wannabes. My riding instructor said that keeping a riding journal is a good idea so I’ll try to use this for that purpose. Sometimes I may vent about things in the equine world that tick me off or sometimes I’ll write about things that make me proud of the equestrian world. I LOVE learning about all things thoroughbred so I’ll post about interesting things I find. So that’s about it for my first post!

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