Monday, August 16, 2010

Bridle Shower

On Friday afternoon the girls from the barn threw me a “Bridle” shower since I’m getting married in a month. I have to say this was the greatest idea I’ve ever heard of! They had me "register" at Dover and I didn’t expect to get half of what I put on my wishlist. They got me everything on there! Well except for the $8,000 Hermes dressage saddle that I put on there as a joke. I took pictures but didn’t think they were really worth posting. But here is a rundown of what I got.

-white sheepskin dressage saddle pad

- Leather triple stiched halter

- 3 way lunge line set

- Sheepskin girth cover

- wintec slimline stirrup leathers

- Black dressage coat

- White dressage shirt

- White full seat breeches

- Helmet case

I was blown away that I got all of that stuff. They went above and beyond my expectations for the shower. I almost cried when I saw everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better shower. It really meant a lot to me because I’ve never really gotten anything new when it comes to horse stuff. I usually get stuff second hand (with exceptions of all my western tack). My saddle is used, my bridle and bit were used as were my saddle pads. I’ll get some pictures of my monster all dressed up in his new stuff tonight when I get to the barn. The problem with his new white pad though is that his socks look yellow in contrast to his ultra-bright saddle pad. Looks like a certain monster will be getting a bath soon!

I rode yesterday. The barn was a zoo. Everyone was taking lessons or riding yesterday so our ride was cut short due to too much traffic in the arena. It was perfectly fine with me since I’ll plan on riding tonight. The monster was fantastic as usual. He was a little stiff in the neck due to the fact he’s been inside for a week due to incredibly hot weather followed by way too much rain that flooded their turn out areas. But he’s such a good boy. Each ride is better than the last. I chickened out when the girls asked me if I wanted to try cantering him. I’m not sure why. It’s not like he’s going to blow up and carry me away. It’s kind of hard to actually convince him to canter. Once he is cantering though it’s awesome. He has a HUGE floaty canter but he falls out quickly. I’m probably crazy in my thinking that since he was a racehorse he associates running with getting hurt. So he doesn’t want to do it anymore. It’s kind of silly I’m sure but that’s just how my brain works!

Well that’s it for now. here are some crappy blackberry pictures of his new halter.
All I need now is a brass name plate!

I put his sheepskin noseband cover on it.


  1. That is amazing! Reading through your posts makes me wish I boarded at an actual facility with other riders! Lucky girl!