Thursday, August 14, 2014

mamma said they was my magic shoes.

Cash got himself a new pair of shoes last night. A type that I’ve actually never even seen before my farrier suggested them. But based on the way he wears his shoes, she wanted to try EponaShoes on him. She just recently starting to put them on horses but she said her clients have all been pretty impressed so far. Like I said I’ve never even heard of this type of shoe before, let alone seen one, or had anyone I knew try them. But I am willing to give anything a try.
These are like high tech space shoes.
image from EponaShoe website.

This is the side that goes against the sole. Cash will be gellin like a felon.
Image from the EponaShoe website

Putting them on, was a little different than putting on regular shoes. First my farrier made a packing to go in his hoof which contained antibacterial granules that will help prevent yucky stuff from growing “up in there”.  It also protects the sole of the hoof, and I won’t have to worry about rocks and crap going up and getting caught in his foot. SCORE! I HATE picking feet! She applied that stuff to his hoof and then let him chill on a paper towel for a bit to let it ‘set’. Next up was the shoe. She said she could glue it on, but we both agreed to nail it on like a regular shoe. Mostly because she had attempted to glue a set on a difficult horse, and wasted almost her entire supply trying to get the darn thing on.  She put on the shoe and then rasped and nipped it to fit his foot. Repeat on the other foot, and then done. They stay on just as good as steel shoes she said, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they wear on him.
Forgot to take a picture before I turned him out...

Everything I’ve read on their website seems positive. Horses in just about every discipline are using them. They look like hardcore running shoes and kind of remind me of those EasyBoots that you can buy to protect your horses feet. We also discussed that type horse boots. My farrier said that they suck because they have to fit perfectly, so right after a trim they can be too big, and then as the hoof grows they are too small. These shoes are having those boots on, without having to worry about fit.  
 She was also saying that she started using EponaShoes on some of her client’s horses with lameness issues and has seen improvements in them. Especially the horses with navicular. Cash still seems a bit off. It’s a mystery, as to where it’s originating. More than likely we are going to bring him back in for a few more x-rays. My farrier and I both kind of thought that it was up in his knee. But she said “I’m not a vet so I can’t diagnose it completely.” Cash isn’t in pain, but his gait is just a bit off. When I’ve ridden him his walk seems to get better after he was warmed up. I’m thinking about hauling him back in for a few more x-rays. I mean it’s only money right?
The big gray thoroughbred was up next. He was mostly charming for the whole thing. Until we were sarcastically and overly saying nice things about him “OH such a good boy!!” “Look at that big handsome, sweet boy being so good!” Then he got pissed, and could obviously tell we were making fun of him and decided to snatch away his last foot. Seriously horse? One foot left and you have to be difficult. He apparently picked up on the fact we were mocking him. He is a pretty smart horse.

So I’ll keep everyone interested posted on how these shoes go! 


  1. Wow, those shoes look so neat!! I hope everything goes well with them and you discover why he's acting funny!

    (Spirit does the same thing with us - him and George would be BFFs.)

  2. Hope they work out for him! They are super cool looking :)

  3. Exciting! Hopefully this is the hoof protection answer Cash needs.