Monday, April 21, 2014

update from boarding school.

George has been doing great at school. I got an email from his trainer that she's ridden him at the walk, trot and canter both directions in the arena. But she said he is pretty lazy so they are working on lengthening and stretching out. She said he's been doing everything she has asked of him.
But he was introduced to mirrors for the first time. When he was first introduced to them, she had hand walked him up to the mirrors, and he was curious. But when ridden past them, apparently he thinks there is another horse on the other side of the mirror. And he is not thrilled with that horse's presence. Each time she rode past he would pin his ears and bare his teeth. Which is just George, being George.
They are also working on manners. He is doing great in the cross ties, but he is learning not to try and bite people or pin his ears as they walk past. She has also noticed that he is pretty sensitive about grooming. Since she has switched to softer brushes he has become less fussy, and hasn't been as grumpy about grooming.
I saw him in passing yesterday, as we headed to the lake. He is in a pasture with a bunch of welsh ponies, he looks like a giant. We were going to stop and visit him on the way home, but ended up taking a different route. I am hoping to find some time this week where I can swing out and see him. I am also hoping to get a lesson on him.
So, so far so good. Let's hope he continues on learning and behaves himself!

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