Tuesday, April 15, 2014

George's Girlfriend.

George's trainer emailed me yesterday and let me know that she was only able to groom him on Saturday. Sunday was crazy busy for her but she was hoping to ride him Monday night. She said that he was wonderful in the cross ties for grooming but he has very sensitive skin like most TBs she's known. When she used a softer brush on him he was less crabby towards her. But she still had all her fingers so I count that as a win. 

I was looking at pictures on my phone and I realized that I forgot to introduce everyone to George's girlfriend. 
This picture was taken awhile ago. All of our snow melted last week, but according to the forecast, we are getting some more tonight.

Our Shetland pony, Princess Rainbow Sparkles, apparently decided that she no longer wanted to be kept separate from the geldings, and jumped her fence into their pasture. She had a snowbank that she used as a ramp, and apparently isn't the most skilled and graceful jumper, as she knocked down part of the fence. But she knew that she needed to be with her love.
The reason we had been keeping her separated from the geldings, is that Duke hated her. The first time we put them in the same pasture last summer, he tried to run her down, and I just didn't feel comfortable leaving her in there. But all last winter they were able to see each other and smell each other as they shared a fence line and waterer.  So she decided that spring time was the right time to join the herd. 
I noticed her in the pasture with the big boys one night as I took the dogs out. Sure enough she was there snuggled next to George. And thats how we realized she needed to be with her boys. Surprisingly enough, the one horse I thought she would get along famously with, Pistol, hates her guts. A horse that I've never seen pin his ears, kick out or stand up against another horse, the entire time I've known him, has been a jack ass towards her. Apparently he has a thing against little mares.
But not George. He loves her. They are almost always together, and they are quite the odd couple. When he goes for a walk, she follows along behind him and vice versa. He also keeps himself between her and the other boys at the feeder, and acts as her body guard. 

I just can't help but giggle every time I see them together. But I am happy they have each other. The original reason we got her was to be a companion to whoever stayed at home when the hubby and I went trail riding. I mean it's cheaper to feed a small horse than another full size horse, amiright? So it makes me happy that she is okay in the pasture with the boys. The other two are actually accepting of her now too, so it makes it easier on her now that her lover is gone. But I do think she is a bit sad that George is gone. But soon enough he will be home.

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  1. That last picture of George standing watch over her is precious. My gosh that is so sweet. So, there is a soft spot in the big grey beast. Who knew? I hope schools going well for him.