Sunday, March 9, 2014


The weather was absolutely beautiful today...
It was wonderful being able to work outside and in the barn and not have the air making my face hurt. I know it was a hard winter for a lot of you...but our winter was so bitterly cold. More so than normal. I think we may have broken a record for how many days we had that there was a windchill advisory. But weather like that makes us North Dakotans appreciate warm weather when we get it!
With the warm weather comes spring cleaning. I spent a lot of time in the barn the last two days.  
We scraped out all the manure and started cleaning up the pasture. It's now all piled up until more snow melts and we can move it back some more. I hate dealing with crap. Once more snow melts we will drag the pasture and breakup more of the crap. 3 horses can make a lot of it.
The last two days I have also spent a lot of time with George. I finally think he is starting to trust me. While he doesn't have the same snugly personality that Piney had, he has been more interested in hanging out with me... Probably because I have been bribing him to like me with treats... But still he has come a long way since I got him! He isn't so grouchy when I touch him. To be brutally honest here, I wasn't even so sure I even liked him  a few months ago. He was just so pissy all the time. But he has really come around the last few days. 
He is actually a pretty cool horse. Obviously he isn't the horse for everyone...mostly because he is an ass... But I am really happy that I have him. His friends from the his training barn told me that once he figures out that you are his person, he will love you and do whatever you want him to do. He just takes a while to figure out. Today when I was in the barn cleaning, he hung out with me and not once did he pin his ears... That in itself is huge. 

Also, his condition looks great. Obviously there is room for improvement, but from what he was, he looks at least 10 times better. Hubby mentioned that all of the horses could use a little work on their top lines, and that George could benefit from some  small work outs everyday so that he gains more muscle. So hopefully when it starts to dry up a bit more I can start riding or even just lunging that big gray monster.  I think that once he gets in shape he will look real nice. 
Now hurry up snow and melt!

P.s. This yeti needs to meet the furmanator... Like seriously, he has no problem growing a winter coat...and this was what grew under his winter blanket...


  1. I am not looking forward to pasture cleaning! Here in Michigan, we still have snow, so most of the poop is hidden. . .once it melts though, eek!

    1. One of my dogs didn't want to come in the house this morning because he was busy 'playing' in the soupy horse pasture... lovely LOL

  2. And they say TBs can't grow winter coats! HA!

    Are you guys scheduled for this next storm? The up and down weather is making me crazy!

    1. I HOPE we aren't schedualed for the next storm! Our weather looks pretty nice for this week and next week. It has been a hard winter though. We really didn't get the snow that we usually do, but that cold temps... it was bad!