Wednesday, March 12, 2014

i'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Well why not copy this from a few people?

What discipline do you ride?  This is an interesting question. I’m really not pinned down to one specific discipline. I divide my time between riding both English and western.
2) If you had to switch your discipline which one would you choose?  I would love to try different things before I HAD to commit to switching to one specific thing.
3) Who is your equestrian idol?  Ian Miller I guess. Don’t really follow a ton of equestrians, but I always loved watching him ride when I was a kid.
4) Who is your least favorite equestrian? Anyone that is a douche.
5) Describe your dream horse (breed, color, markings…)  Big gray dappled thoroughbred gelding OR a palomino AQHA gelding with white stockings and a blaze, but I am VERY particular on the blaze. It can’t be too wide or two narrow.

Charlie Yellow was the perfect palamino

6) Post a picture of the horse you ride

Horse #1

Horse #2

7) What would you do if you were forced to stop riding? I would still have horses. I enjoy having them around. Their sounds and smells make me happy, as silly as that sounds. I’d also maybe look into learning to drive them. Maybe have a team of Shetland ponies to drag me around.
8) What was your best score at a show? Reserve high point champion for a dressage test I did with Piney. He went from getting last place in his tests in our first show, to kicking ass and taking names in our last show 2 months later.

My haul from my last show. I rode a couple horses I think.

9) What is your favorite horse blog? I can’t pick favorites. I enjoy a lot of blogs.
10) Group lesson or private? I enjoy private lessons, but I do like group lessons so I can show off ;-)
11) How high do you jump? Highest I’ve ever jumped was 2’6” and it. Was. Awesome.
12) What level dressage do you do? I was doing first level and everything before that.
13) What level eventing do you do?  I WISH I was doing eventing!
14) Cross country colors? What are they?  I don’t even know what I would pick!
15) What colors look good on your horse? George looks smashing in bright, royal blue. Pistol looks great in green. And Duke usually rocks black.
16) Opinions on Rolkur?  I don’t like it. which seems to be how everyone feels about it.
17) Last time you rode? Was it great?  YES! It was a very quick jaunt down the road on my boy George. It was the first time I had ridden him in my western saddle and he was more relaxed than usual. But Duke being a big old pain in the ass, decided he couldn’t go past the fenceline and was a big drama queen once he got past it. So it was a very quick ride because of his antics.
18) If you could spend a day with any equestrian who would it be? I’m not really sure. Maybe one of my blogger ‘friends’.
19) Helmet or no helmet? Opinions?  Welllllllllllllllll…… Every single time I ride George I strap on my helmet and crash vest. I still don’t know him all that well and I’m not 100% confident that I completely trust him yet. But when I ride Pistol I usually don’t wear a helmet. I know, I know. Accidents can happen to anyone and on any horse.

20) Who was/ is your first horse? My first horse was a palomino AQHA gelding named Good Time To Review aka Charlie Yellow. He was an awesome first horse, and I will always have a soft spot for quarter horses... but I appreciate the heart and try of a thoroughbred more. My quarter horses have been a bit more of a handful than my ottbs. 

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  1. It's so funny that your TB's have been so much easier than the Quarters! It seems like everyone thinks the opposite is always true. :)