Tuesday, February 18, 2014

big fat horse.

We are having a heat wave up here in  the artic tundra North Dakota. Yesterday was the first day since January 17th that we were above freezing. And our almost record of consecutive days with a wind-chill advisory has been broken. You don't even know how great 32 degrees feels until you've been in the negative double digits for weeks and weeks at a time. Anyways, yesterday the temp spiked to about 36 so hubby pulled the blanket off of George. He tried to get Pistol's blanket off, but for whatever reason, Pistol has been a nightmare to catch since the fall. I mean he's always been a bit of a hard to catch monster, but lately it's been bad. Like really bad. When we first got him, we really had problems with catching him, until we had his teeth done, so I'm thinking he might need them done again. It's about that time of the year to get all of their teeth done anyways. yay vet bills!
Anyways, I got a text from hubby saying that he pulled George's blanket and that he looked really good. His topline needs some work, but you know what? I'm just happy that when his blanket came off he wasn't a skeleton! It's been so cold this winter and they have access to hay 24/7, but you just never know. Winter can be so hard on horses up here.
When I got home I went to the barn to take a peek for myself. He looks great! He's a bit fat though. I fussed over him for about 15 minutes, and if you know anything about George. He HATES that. But I think that if I do ever find time to ride this year, I am gonna need a bigger girth for fatso for a few months until he can slim down.
So I am quite happy with the monsters this winter. Now hurry up spring.

Also, George has his own Facebook page if you want to follow him :-)
Yes I am a dork.

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