Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The post that I do not expect anyone to make it to the end of...

This post is almost entirely for me. If you don’t read it, I probably wouldn’t blame you. It’s for my own personal ranting. Please read if you wish to!

I can’t help but read some of the horrific comments left by people on articles about the early October snow storm in South Dakota that left upwards of 75,000 (maybe more) cattle, horses, sheep etc dead. People that can easily hide behind a computer monitor a few states even a contry or world away from seeing this tragedty for what it’s worth. Most can only say they are happy that the ranchers are suffering this loss. They say that they are glad the cattle died out in nature rather than by the murderous hand of man. I’m sorry, but being suffocated to death or dying of hyperthermia sounds like a much worse death than a quick, instantaneous death in a processing plant.

I will share some of the most disgusting quotes I have found. Quotes that make my blood boil and heart break at the same time

Perhaps the loss of this livelihood will be a blessing for them (as well as for the cattle not miserably produced for slaughter), some will work in other less destructive industries, that's a good thing, in the long run, for everyone involved.”

Really? This ‘livelihood’ is something that most of these ranchers put their entire lives into. Something they were born into and for most, it’s all they know. You mean to tell me, that you are happy that for example 70 year old rancher, who has poured his entire life into something and may now possibly have lost almost all of it is out of work. Has nothing left for him? For his family? You are right, he can just find work in another area that is less destructive. I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to hire a 70 year old ex-rancher.

 “This is a shame, but in the long run, this type of cattle farming is wasteful and uses up most of our grain for cattle food. The trade off is not that good, especially with modern cattle farming methods. I eat very little beef, maybe about 4 times a year, and I stay away from fast food junk stores like Mickey D's. Same with chicken. I am not a vegan, but it does not hurt to eat good food, like vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and berries, etc. Factory farmed food of any kind is not as good for you as food raised with love and care.”

Really? Cattle farming is wasteful and uses up our grain for cattle food? That is so weird, because these cattle were on pasture, and in the winter, they eat hay. I don’t know if they ever receive “cattle food” other than grass. And it’s so cool that you can stay away from fast food junk stores like “Mickey D’s. I gonna stand up and slow clap for that, because I’m lazy, and lvoe junk food, and sometimes it’s just a convience thing. I try not to eat there often, but come one dude. It’s so awesome for a treat sometimes! And you are right, it doesn’t hurt to eat good food. And I love to eat good food…but sometimes, a double cheeseburger…is.awesome. And it’s at this point where he mentions a phrase that makes me want to karate chop people, who use the phrase, in the throat. “Factory Farmed”. NO. JUST NO! Shut the H up. Go visit a farm or ranch. A real one. Stop watching your propaganda videos and just get off your ass, and go out to visit the heartland. Learn that a farm is not a ‘factory’.


*This person made me want to donkey kick the commenter*
“Oh please! Hypothermia is way better than being led into a slaughter house where you can smell the blood of those who were killed before you. I've been severely hypothermic twice in my life, so cold I felt warm like on a Summer's day, and it's easy. Much better than being led into a bloody meat factory. If it wasn't for the Seattle Fire Department in the first case and some Army medics in the second I'd be dead. Sometimes I even wish they'd just let me be.”

Hypothermia is not a pleasant way to die. I’ve never had it. But I’ve been frickin cold. I mean I grew up in Northern Canada, and now live in NORTH Dakota. I’ve had my eyelashes frozen together. I’ve been outside when it’s so cold it hurts to breath and feels like you are inhaling pins. I’ve frostbitten my cheeks and toes. That is enough for me. I’ve been lucky that that’s where it stopped. I got warm and never had hyperthermia. These cattle were pelted with rain for like 12 hours and then they were frozen and hit with 70mph winds and snow wearing their thin summer ‘clothes’. This was no way for them to die. Modern processing plants are efficient and clean. They are processed with as little stress as possible. Most of the time the cows don’t know what is going on, and don’t even know at the moment they are killed. They are cows and I love cows, but bless their hearts, they just aren’t the brightest creature on the planet. I’ve never watched the process first hand, but I have seen videos, and I have learned about processing plants and yes, seeing it isn’t my idea of pleasant movie viewing. I know that it’s all done as humanely as possible. Almost all of the carcass is used for something. The hide, the bones, the innards, the hooves, everything is processed into something useful. Most of the time it’s processed into something that you don’t even realize its being used for. Which is why I could never be a vegan… animal byproducts are in just about everything!

Can you even get hyperthermia in Seattle?! I quite honest didn’t think it really got that cold there…

Okay, I’m gonna break it down on this one…

Let's get real hereOkay awesome!
The cattle weren't being raised to spend their lives at Leisure World - they were destined for a cruel death at the slaughterhouse. For these cows, most of their life is actually quite leisurely. They eat, sleep, poop. Repete each day. Cruel death? Quick and painless…which is actually how I hope to go. I get sad thinking that my death will be when I’m old, and it will be painful and slow. Some disease will probably take over my body, and it will fail, and I will waste away in front of my loved ones… sad. Depressing and bleak…
Meat production is wasteful, and a major contributor to climate change. Meat production is wasteful? How so? They south Dakota cows were on acres, and acres, and acres of land that isn’t suited for much else. Not much grows there. The land is beautiful I will give it that…but you can’t really grow veggies there. AND YES okay so cows do produce toxic fumes with their farts that is making a HUGE hole in the ozone layer…but I mean… really? Haven’t we helped to contribute to the climate change?
Climate change will bring more extreme weather events like this early blizzard.  Climate change is very scary. I agree with you on this one buddy. Check.
The Europeans drove the Native Americans off this land, who had lived a lifestyle in harmony with its harsh elements for many centuries. Europeans are a holes. Yeah I got it. I feel guilty for this point you have made…
Ranchers are supposed to look after their stock - that's their profession. These events have occurred previously. Losing your herd through lack of preparation is poor husbandry. Okay this is where I stop agreeing with you pal. These ranchers will do anything for their stock. The weathermen predicted a little bit of snow, and not the record-breaking amounts that slammed the region. They were unprepared. If you have a quick easy way of moving 1,000 cows 25 miles home from their summer pasture. I’m sure they would love to hear it. And if you want to donate jackets or maybe some sweaters for the cows, They would gladly take those too…Good luck putting them on a big ol cow…These events have occurred previously, but not this early.
This method of raising meat is likely unsustainable in that region. Nope, You are wrong. Their method of raising meat is the absolute best for the livestock. And it is sutiable for the region.
Eat more vegetables. No, eat more beef.


Why would I give a crap about the ranchers? These are people who make a living by exploiting and killing their cows. The important difference here to them is they didn't make a profit from the cows' suffering. I give a crap about the oppressed, the cows, not their greedy oppressors.

Why should you give a crap about these ranchers? Because they would give a crap about you. Ranchers are awesome people. I’ve gone to a stockman’s banquet and I just couldn’t believe how great those families were. They are warm and genuine. And guess what they love their cattle. Each and every one. I heard stories and have seen pictures of ranchers bringing newborn calves into their house and keeping them warm by the fire so that they have a fighting chance. These ranchers would do anything for their cattle. They’ve poured their heart and soul into them. It’s their life.
The cows being oppressed? Really? Honey I don’t think you have your facts right.

Which is why those ranchers obviously don't give a crap about their animals. Most involved in animal husbandry these days only care about money. If it costs a little more to treat the animals humanely it won't happen.

Really? Don’t give a crap about their animals? Go visit a ranch, and shut the H up.

Farmers and ranchers are destroying the US by using bad practice. This is obiously a covert PR piece. Many ranchers don't live anywhere near their land. They receive massive subsidies from the government, they are the modern dead beat scroungers of america but they have the right by the testicles and they give them whatever they want.
These are domesticated animals, ranchers let them loose in the high mountains where they pollute the rivers and destroy natural flora. Why, because it's handed to them on a plate and they sell the beef as organic, mountain meat.
But cows are not wild animals so they die easily in bad weather. The reason the ranchers keep quiet is because they know they will get reimbursed through free handouts and they don't want people to know they mistreat their animals.
Farming needs to improve, more investment and less reliance on cheap labour; and they must make better use of all the water they waste and reduce the enormous pollution they are causing.

This one hurt my brain. The last senctence “Farming needs to improve, more investment and less reliance on cheap labour” MORE investment? REALLY?! MORE? Do you know how much these farmers and ranchers have invested? I work for a farm… I’ve seen how much they have invested. It’s not a little number… it’s a number that makes my eyes bulge out of my head. I see the loan payments. And the cheap labour? Umm I ran payroll for years… no cheap labour on this farm…

And even wild animals no doubt died in that weather. There just hasn’t been a report, because they have been too busy picking up the remains of their life’s work.


And then there was this one. The icing on my cake.

It’s too late to save these cows, but we can all help other sentient farmed animals just by going vegan. Animals raised for food suffer constantly. When cows are very young, they’re branded with hot irons, their horns are cut or burned off, and males are castrated—all without painkillers. In summer, farmers leave cows to languish in the sun without shade. In winter, cows often suffer from freezing rain and biting winds, as well as snowstorms. During slaughter, they’re hung upside-down, their throats are slit, and they are skinned and gutted. Some remain conscious through the entire process. If people want to eat meat, they have to share in the responsibility for all of the suffering that the animals endure. Or, go vegan to help stop animal suffering.

Okay, go vegan if you can. I applaud you, I really do. I couldn’t. I love meat! Meat is fantastic. I do get sad thinking that an animal had to lose its life to feed me. But I know the process of how that juicy, tender filet mignon wrapped in bacon, with a fried egg on top landed on my plate. I also know how the asparagus I have as a side got there too. Answer is modern, efficient ag practices. Chances are good that a family has put their heart and soul into each part of my meal. They have struggled through hard times and have celebrated good times! The thing is a lot of the time (not all the time though) Vegans like to paint farmers and ranchers as the  bad guys. The evil sadistic awful people who just want to torture animals and kill people with scary GMO products. So if you want to only eat anti gmo and are looking for some delicious sweet corn…good luck pal! Corn, especially sweet corn has been genetically modified for hundreds of years. Maize is the product you are looking for.
I digress… This post is just like a million other posts I’ve read about the plight of cattle. They are marked with a brand to let the world know who they belong to. Horses are branded. Heck, my horse even has a tattoo. It’s not necessarily to his liking, he said he wanted a naked lady tattoo instead of numbers, but hey, he’s a horse, and we don’t always get what we want. Their horns are cut off as a safety precaution. And I’m sure they don’t even remember it a week after it happened…much like the branding. And yes the males are castrated because have you ever been around a ton of young bulls?! No thank you! Also this way these young fellas aren’t trying to make babies with everything. You don’t need that many bulls. Sorry guys.

“The leaving the cows to languish in the sun without shade”. Cows are adapted to the weather, much like my horses. George could stand in the shade all day long…but he chooses to stand on the side of the barn and get pelted with hot sunrays all day long. In the winter Piney wanted to be outside in the worst weather imaginable. I’d pull him inside and he would go right back outside. As much as a nice cozy climate controlled barn would be. We need to realize animals are adapted to the climate. Much better than we are. Mother Nature just played a very cruel trick on the people of South Dakota. The ranchers even if they were prepared… probably would still have lost cattle. It’s just a sick and cruel thing that happened.

“During slaughter, they’re hung upside-down, their throats are slit, and they are skinned and gutted. Some remain conscious through the entire process.” I’ve seen this sort of comment more times than I can count. I can almost guarantee to you that this is not how a modern animal processing plant works. Unfortunately I can’t speak for every part of the globe where these sorts of processes take place. The cows more often than not are led in to the facility, and humanely euthanized. They are not conscious during anything other than when they first come into the building. “If people want to eat meat, they have to share in the responsibility for all of the suffering that the animals endure.” I think that people should know where their food comes from. I’m a firm believe in it actually. I’ve met the people that ‘grow’ my food. I’ve done my research too. Unfortunately so many people are so far removed from farming, that they only get their info from the internet, and documentaries on Netflix. Go meet a farmer or rancher. Learn the truth. It might surprise you in different ways than you had imagined. And then there is this last sentence “Or, go vegan to help stop animal suffering.” For the most part, animals are not suffering. All their needs are met and they are well cared for. Their caretakers often times care more for them than they do themselves. So yes the loss of animal life is huge in that storm… Think of the humans that are suffering currently because of it.


  1. We caught part of this storm here with one to two feet of heavy wet snow falling in our region. And even at that it was destructive! What kind of person wishes this sort of thing on another? Tragic on so many levels.

    1. It so very tragic. It would be like me bad mouthing people affected by Sandy or Katrina saying they "deserved to lose everything because they knew it was coming." "That's what they get for living there!" "Why don't they have hurricane proof houses?" It is a tragedy, as all natural disasters are.

  2. Your right, all these people are making comments about animal cruelty, though they don't have their facts straight. I know a rancher. He's one of the nicest, coolest people I have met. The storm was so sudden, no one would have been able to adequately prepare for it.

    1. Exactly, people generally know hurricanes, floods and tornadoes are coming. But you just never know how bad they are. They knew snow was coming, but they didn't know how much. It's so tragic.

  3. People are so exceptionally ignorant, it's horrifying.

    That is all.

  4. My boyfriend works on a "factory farm" and he gets hate for it all the time. But everyone involved with that farm knows that it is home to the happiest cows ever. They are doted on and given meds when they are sick. They get to eat all day and play with their friends. People who arn't involved dont know and worse dont even try to understand whats actually going on. Just like I get hate for being a Genetics major just because people think all GMO's are evil. If people took the time to actually educate themselves the world would be a much better place with a lot less hate. this will never happen though bc people are stupid.

    I'm so sorry to hear what happened, I cant even imagine how awful that would be to go through. Definitely keeping these families in my thoughts.

    1. Because of "big ag" and "factory farms" my husband and I wouldn't have any income. The problem is that people consider themselves educated about these topics, but they won't go and educate themselves on the other side of the story. They read the horror stories and think that it's got to be true. They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true! Chipotle's new "Scarecrow" propaganda commercial is a prime example. They want to make money by scaring people into believing that 'big ag' and 'factory farms' are out there to hurt you. People don't realize how well farm animals are actually treated. A sick, sad animal is not going to be profitable. And crops that cannot resist pests, drought etc and end up dying can not feed the world. I can go on for days on this topic! I'm such a nerd about it too...

    2. Haha! You sound like my boyfriend. :P