Monday, October 21, 2013

I need some guidance and or help...

So it occurred to me today that maybe this blog needs some updating. My banner is a picture of Piney and the blog title is “Good Time To Review” which was the name of my first horse.  Both of which are no longer with me.  The thing is, I’m not super creative. I’m one of those people that needs someone to guide me in the correct path, or toss some ideas out to me and I can mold them into my own concept.  So this is why I am stuck. I need help with creating a new banner/header/name/everything.

So basically. Help. I need some creative input on a new header and/or blog title. Obviously this blog isn’t about the world’s laziest thoroughbred anymore. I mean George is pretty lazy, but he is a lot of other things first. And I would hate to leave out the two red horses in my life, especially since I ride Pistol more often than I ride George.  And I mean there is Dolly, the tiny paint pony who seems to be left out of everything all the time. So If you have any wonderful ideas I’d LOVE to hear them. I’m stuck with where to go.

1….2…..3…. BRAINSTORM!


  1. Well...Some things that would look nice is maybe doing a collage with several pictures. If you wanted to change the title, it could be something like Life of George. Or you could post some pictures of you and/or George and then your followers could comment and say which pictures they like. Then you can make then into a banner. If you need any help, I might be able to make something for you with a picture(s). Just email me a

  2. I can make you a collage, as well. :) Since you have the three horses, you could do one of all of them so none of them are left out. ;) For the name, you could do the registered name of your most used horse, or the one that you expect will turn into your "main horse". :)

  3. I change the design of mine up frequently to keep it interesting (and to keep myself motivated lol) but I actually pay someone to design mine. If you are interested her link is on my page. I like multiple pictures (good, clear quality) in a banner with a title and a tag line. My designer girl does a great job with the headers and they are cheap. She has lots of font options etc. I just find it nice to browse through their portfolios to get ideas of what design I want for mine because I have ZERO creativity :)