Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There are some people out there that just don't deserve to be riding horses. I didn't grow up in the horse show world. In fact I don't think I even went to watch my first horse show until I was in my 20's. When I did see my first show I was appauled at some of the behavior. Mostly by prima donna teenagers. I watched one girl screaming at her dad because he bought her the wrong type of hair nets. I saw another girl bawling her eyes out blaming her mother for buying her the wrong horse because it "sucked" at western pleasure.
I really didn't spend much time at any of the area dressage and english shows. And I am not sure I really want to. I've heard stories upon stories of the "dressage queens" or more realisticly the "dressage bitches". The barn I boarded at had a strict no "DB"(dressage bitch) rule. We all helped each other out and we all cared very deeply for our horses. In fact I was talking to a friend who still boards at my old barn and she said they got special accomidations at the last show because the officals saw how much the riders from my barn loved and cared for their horses. 
Then there was this video of a girl and her horse. I'm not exactly sure where it is...but it solidifies my point about brats and witches.

I got mad after watching this. Have I ever fallen off my horse and been PISSED? Yep. Have I EVER lunged at him to hit him right after falling off...no way. Usually upon dusting myself off, and laughing my ass off (I laugh when I fall off, it's the only way to stop the tears) I go check to make sure my horse is ok. Then spend the rest of the day grumbling and cursing out the horse. I've been left on the side of the road and forced to walk home, never once hitting my horse when I got back to find them happily munching on the front lawn in the "No horse allowed" zone at my old barn years and years ago. They are horses. Beating them isn't going to get the point across. If this little brat could have had her horse if she wouldn't have went to hit him afterwards. If this was my kid...you better believe that pony would no longer belong to her.  


  1. Yep. One of the girls at my barn is all that and more. Her horse came up lame with an abcess in her lesson this weekend and BO had a huge go-round with her to get her to stay to soak her own horse's foot. And then he was wiggly on the cross-ties so she put him away after less than five minutes without a wrap or anything because she had to go decorate her tree. BO was teaching another lesson, so the girl decided to throw a temper tantrum when the barn worker told her the horse needed more care...and then she left. It should go without saying she doesn't pay for a single thing herself and she gets everything she wants.

  2. wooooow ... and she then walked out of the arena and didn't even get her horse. Id slam on the brakes and drop her in the dirt too :)

  3. I feel sorry for that poor pony. He suffers because of the girl embarrassment. What a shameful act.

  4. That girl isn't a brat, she's an asshole. That poor sweet horse. What a shameful act on her part.