Friday, September 7, 2012

I don't need to buy this horse.

Years ago I had the most beautiful palomino in the entire world. Seriously, he was the perfect color, had the right amount of chrome and a beautiful wide blaze. I had him temporarily boarded at a barn, as I waited for a family that was going to free lease him at their farm, to pick him up. Well that never happened. I got a phone call on December 19th saying “your horse is dead.” Heart stopping, gut wrenching, awful phone call. The owner of the barn called and said that he was fine the night before, and that when they got there in the morning he was dead. I suspect something was up and there was many things they weren’t telling me. Especially when he said “yeah we’ve had 5-6 die here in the past couple years. If one more dies I will pay to have an autopsy on it to see what is going on”. Not what you want to hear and not something you think to ask when boarding a horse at a new stable. But it should be. I was so grief stricken that I never got an autopsy done. I should have, but I couldn’t bring myself to have it done. Idiot, because know I will never know.

Anyways the same phone call that they told me my horse was dead the owner told me that they had plenty of horses for sale and they would be willing to work with me on payments if I found one I liked. He called me a few times telling me about horses they had for sale. I, being a very polite person, always declined in the nicest possible way. I think I said that I’d maybe come on out and have a look at some of them. One of the horses he thought would be perfect for me was a Swedish Warmblood qarterhorse mix filly. She was a yearling, but he thought that he could have someone at his barn help me train her (at a discounted rate of course). The price he offered her to me at was $2500. Now I’m not excellent at pricing horses but I thought that seemed a bit much. The next year she was offered for sale as a 2 year old at $1500 and then $1000. This summer I saw her for sale (from a different owner) at the beginning of the summer for $500 OBO. She is currently $300 OBO.

I really don’t know why I keep going back and looking at her sale picture. The price is right, but firstly it’s a mare. Secondly she is only 14.3hh and I would more than likely look REDICULOUS on her. And thirdly she isn’t broke, she’s had the saddle on, and has had weight put on but never ridden.  And LASTLY she is red. I don’t want more red horses.

Here is a picture of her when she was for sale before

And here are some videos from before.

Pics of her now on her sale ad.



I really don’t know why I keep going back to her. I’m sure conformationally she is a wreck. If she was even one hand taller I would be more serious about going to check her out. But  I need to keep telling myself. She is too small, she is too small, she is red, it’s a SHE, I don’t need another horse right now. I don’t need a LITTLE horse right now. I don’t need a little red horse right now that isn’t broke.  BUT I did know her mother and her father. Both were super, super sweet horses. I don't need a little red horse...I don' t need a little red horse.
Her ad was reposted today, so I hope someone swoops her up this weekend, because I HATE seeing her ad and wondering about her!!


  1. I am certainly no expert, but there's something not quite right about her, despite her age. I would steer clear.

  2. Like her head being too big for her short neck or something right?

    1. No, like... she's locked up in her gaits... which could be caulked up to awkward baby stages, but her conformation isn't that great to begin with. You have a good eye for horses, go with your gut.

  3. She is cute, but you definitely don't need a she around. What if Pistol decides to pull a crazy "I'm a stallion even if I got gelded a million years ago!" on her? I'll jump on the anti-enabler wagon. ;)

  4. I watched the videos a couple of times, and I think I have the answer. In the first video, she looked like a happy filly playing, but there was an odd look to her stride.
    In the newer videos of her, she looks fly-footed.
    1. the fact the she trots with her head in the weird position.
    2. She only trots.
    3. on the second video, 0:16, it looks like the handler told her to lope, she sped up, but didn't lope,and she was having trouble going fast.

    She really seems to spread her feet like she is fly-footed. Trust me, I have a quarter horse that is fly- footed, they are heartbreakers.
    I could be wrong, but something IS wrong with this horse.

  5. honestly, i am all for going with your gut reaction, and if something is telling you to take her from them then have a look, but from your videos there is something that troubles me about this little lady, and just like everyone else i can't quite put my finger on it...
    if yo decide to go look at her and you love her you must vet check her. My guess would be that it's something to do with her back, she travels like some of our old ex-racehorses turned school horses out at our barn when the winter rolls around.
    be careful with this one, she may be cheap now, but she may not be as time goes on