Monday, September 24, 2012

Going public.

Not horse related but it's related to my life.
Today I launched my photography business's facebook page. For anyone who knows me personally will know how nervous I was about going public but I took the plunge and it is now out there!

Here is the link if you are

This was the logo I decided on. I actually kind of just threw it together in about 5 minutes. And then after I published it I thought "hey that actually had some kind of meaning" So my subconsious wanted it to be horse related.  The color an yellowish/orange was similar to the color of my very first horse and the namesake of this blog "good time to review". He was a palamino that was a goldish orange in the summer. and the pine tree, well obviously a tribute to Piney as well as a tribute to my upbringing in northern, NORTHERN Manitoba. So there you have it. My not horse related logo that ended up being horse related. :-)



  1. Love your logo and your picture are beautiful! Congratulations on your business!

  2. LOVE the logo! Congrats on going live, your work is stellar.

  3. Congratulations!! How exciting. Love the logo logic. Your pictures are lovely. Best wishes for continued success!