Wednesday, August 15, 2012

They grow up so fast.

My little kittehs aren't really kittehs anymore. They are starting to look like cats. Their soft fluffy-ness is gone, their blue eyes are gone but they are still sweet. As far as barn cats go they fail on the aspect that they absolutely love people. They even love my dogs...Not Tucker though. Tucker is positive the cats are food and doesn't quite get the fact that he needs to just leave them alone. The cocker spaniels think the cats are the greatest friends ever and I will often catch them grooming each other and snuggling. But i HAVE caught the cats torturing mice so that is a good thing so that makes up for the fact they love people and dogs. They hunt anything they can really which makes me happy that they are honing their skills as vicious killers. I look forward to the day when they leave me headless presents on the front steps.
But here are some pictures of my kittehs.
"OMG! She said WHAT?!?!"

What happened to my furry little kittehs?

Don't make eye contact!

I like to tell people they are a rare breed of cat from Russia.


Out on a kitty stroll through the yard.

They love to snuggle which almost makes me want to bring them to a family in town...

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