Monday, June 18, 2012



My $3.00 jumps!
(please pay no attention to my hillbilly landscaping and's a work in progress people!!)
I found a pvc pipe in the pile of garbage that came with our house...So I decided to put it to use!

The rails that came with the jumps were only 5ft long :-(  so I made due by making some baby cross rails.
(Ignore my hillbilly barn that needs paint!!)

Someone put A LOT of time into these bad boys.

I love that the horses are sorta art deco-y

This "paint" set of standards was different on each side.

my beautifully maintained arena....joking, joking...

I like this one because it looks like Piney.

Hey look it's my house! AND badly maintained yard! Don't judge...

The cross rails were hand painted too.

Custom hand painted jump standards that somoene put so much time and effort into.
I wanted to try them out so I set them up Friday night. nothing was higher than about 6 inches as I haven't really taken Piney over anything in quite some time. And I was home alone. And my phone was on it's last legs. And when I was tacking up the Cone-man he did something that caused my saddle to slip off the side and send him into panic mode, like a mountain lion had just landed on his back and he exploded into a buck to rid himself of it, so I figured he'd be pretty fresh.
So that was why I just wanted to have a quick, easy, light ride and introduce him to his new best friends. When I got on and started to walk around my "arena" he was very cautious of the monsters lurking in the arena with us. They were obviously put there to eat him. But after about 30 seconds of cautious and very carfully studying the new monsters he realized they were harmless and he went on with his life.
Piney was a champ and went over everything I pointed him at. We took everything at the walk and a little trotting. Now, he didn't do it gracefully and knocked everything down. Really horse? Can't even pick up those feet 6 inches? We've got work to do. Plenty of work to do. Most thoroughbreds I'v encountered get fresher the longer you leave them. First ride after a month off is usually a "hang on to your hat" sort of ride. I  apparently, own the only thoroughbred in the world that gets slower the longer you leave him. In fact he's the only horse I've EVER met that has this problem. Oh well...I guess I shouldn't complain too much he is the sweetest damn horse on the planet.

So anyways our ride was quick and painless. I love my new jumps and can't wait to use them more!


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    1. I think so too! And they cost $3.00, I can't even buy materials to MAKE them for $3.00!! Plus If I made them they would be so ugly.

  2. Replies
    1. They are such great quality too! I found another auction near by where I got these from and they have a ton of horse stuff, but my friends who delivered these to me hit a deer on the way to I don't feel like putting them throught that again lol!

  3. Wow, those jumps are so cute! I've talked my dad into doing some jumping-building with me over the summer!